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Immerse Fulldome UK Films

This year, Immerse Fulldome UK is featuring an extensive collection of immersive content from over 35 different artists.

Each submission has been grouped into one of eight categories, showcasing the incredible work being created all around the world!

View an A-Z Guide of all of the films this year here, or alternatively, scroll down to view all of the curated showcase screening blocks.

‘Beyond Earth’

Star Dreaming – Directed by Perun Bonser, Music by Tim Count

A magical odyssey through time and space, by two children, as they explore the mysteries of the Universe through from the world’s oldest living culture and its largest radio telescope.

Deep in the Australian Outback, two children, Max Winton and Lucia Richardson go on a magical odyssey through time and space, exploring the mysteries of the Universe via the world’s largest radio telescope and its oldest living culture. The artists share with the children star stories that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Our Place in the Cosmos– Directed by Prof Michael Burton, Music by Southern Regional College, Armagh

This film was produced for Cop26 and premiered in the green zone during the conference playing 14 times to sold-out audiences. Written and Directed by AOP Director Prof. Michael Burton, “Our Place in the Cosmos” is a planetarium show about the special, fragile place of the Earth in our Galaxy, the only habitat we yet know able to sustain life. We show Planet Earth today and see how we can monito planetary health from space, providing a global view of the land, oceans and atmosphere. We see how fragile planet Earth is and the imperative to protect our home from further damage.

‘Sonic Worlds’

Deconstructural Shift

Directed by Rocco Helmchen and Johannes Kraas, with music from Johannes Kras.

An experimental visual-music film exploring the largest European metropolitan area: the Ruhr-Valley. Mixing time-lapse footage, point clouds, and visualizations made from 3D-geåodata it interprets the area’s evolution from its labour-based origins to an environment for the artistic transformation of disused industrial architecture.

The abstraction of these fundamentally changing structures „deconstructional. shift“ opens up a meta space between the perceived everyday reality and the deconstruction of time and space.

Witching Sticks

Directed and Music by Dems. 

Witching Sticks is an animated immersive music video depicting a character performing the song in an empty space. As the song develops, the camera swoops around the performance, dive bombing synthesizers, and brushing past the face of the character as he sings the lyrics.

Future Ruhr

Directed by Sophia Mellino, with music by Mikhail Mnukhin (21 Beats) and Carlos Passeggi

Experience the first fulldome film made solely with original footage recorded with 360 cameras attached to drones and aeroplanes. Featuring 2D animation generated through the visual composition of the original footage, showcasing a new immersive post-production workflow. From the perspective of the Ruhr region, it evokes the splendour of mining and coal, passing through its decadence, arriving at its re-invention through urban movements and civil projects, thus tracing an optimistic perspective of the future by the conjunction of art-science-technology.

Developed as a research production in the framework of the KULTUR.GEMEINSCHAFTEN and NEU START KULTUR, financed by the German National Ministry of Culture and Media

Sky Bridge – Ponte do Ceu

Directed by Daisuke Hashimoto, with music by Yohei Kobayashi, Shen Kyomei Ribeiro and Gabriel Levy.

The “Sky Bridge Project” is a new type of fulldome video work that fuses Japanese and Brazilian cultures. Deep green forests, streams, overflowing water. Primitive life lives there, and the voices of people, animals, and spirits echo. There is a primitive life there, where the voices of humans, animals and spirits echo. The myths and legends that our ancestors have preserved and inherited are rooted in Japanese and Brazilian cultures 17,600 km away and are symphonic poems that interweave screams, tweets, prayers, and creature songs. Passing through a high dimensional space-time where the earth, the sky, the universe and the spiritual world are fused, the symphonic poems of both meets.

With the collaboration of producer and sound designer Mayumi Otake, visual art director Daisuke Hashimoto, musician Yohei Kobayashi, Shen Kyomei Ribeiro, Gabriel Levi, Ari Colares, etc., a completely new “sky” like no other is created.

‘Global Voices’

Partita for 8 Voices

Directed by, Michel D.T. Lam, music by Caroline Shaw et roomful of teeth

PARTITA FOR 8 VOICES is an immersive visual and audio experience that immerses viewers in the eponymous musical piece composed by 2013 Pulitzer Prize-winning musician Caroline Shaw.

This unique cinematic experience places the audience at the centre of the eight singers of Roomful of Teeth standing in a circle. This immersive odyssey will allow us to experience Partita for 8 Voices like never before. By immersing ourselves in the music, we will explore the notions of written instructions and how they can become artistic manifestations using the human body and technological tools. The musical score and the computer program are the codes that allow this creation. It is an artistic collaboration between the oldest means of expression, the human voice, and the art of graphic animation.


Directed by Lucinda Jarrett, music by Jocelyn Pook

Room2Dream is a 360 film sharing songs, poetry, music and imagery from young people from fourteen centres in seven partnerships. Each international centre is partnered with an English hospital school, hospice or school. Over the past year the young people have worked together exchanging poetry to create a single shared work. The collaborative process has involved creative writing, learning and recording shared choruses from their own songs, learning how to film in 360 and sharing storyboards to create the final film collaboration that accompanies their words. The renowned composer, Jocelyn Pook, has created the score in response to the young people’s poems and songs.

Letters From Australia

Directed by Dave Hotchkiss, Music by Nick Hart

The project aims to create an engaging immersive 360 experience, based
on extracts from Thomas and William Osborne’s ‘Letters from Australia’, back home to Cornwall, in the 1860s. The letters provide both the catalyst and inspiration for the production and the overarching visual motive and compellingly and poignant lyrics for the soundtrack. The ‘Cornish Diaspora’ of the 19th century saw 250,000 people leave Cornwall, fleeing poverty and seeking opportunities across the globe.

Approximately 10% of the population of South Australia, and over 3% of Australia as a whole, has significant Cornish ancestry and the settlement of the areas within South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales are sometimes referred to as ‘Little Cornwall’ Members of the Osborne family from West Cornwall emigrated to South Australia at the beginning of the 1860s and slowly began writing letters back home.

‘Synthetic Dreams’


Directed and Music by Marek Slipek

Ion describes a virtual information space with geometric clarity and spatially immersive expanse. Information units group themselves into cuboids. The cuboids themselves give the space its dimension and are the reason for its existence. They rearrange themselves rhythmically again and again. Each time differently. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, sometimes gently floating away – then again demanding presence. The data space is permanently scanned. Ion visually and acoustically describes the processing procedure of a digital machine condensed into rhythmic patterns.


Directed by Alejandro Casales Navarrete, Music by Alejandro Casales Navarrete & Dan Henig

After surviving the long quarantine caused by the COVID19 virus, I began to create a visual music piece for a planetarium. In immersive video, it is possible to observe images full of colours, movements and high contrasts that are accompanied by loud music, noise and constant rhythm. There is also a poem that expresses the desire to survive the confinement that has lasted more than a year.


Directed by Jérémy Oury, Music by Ludovic Finck

Phosphène is an artwork playing on duality. A hypnotic and mesmerising experience of seeing form and illusions of deconstructions where the movement and the energy of light reveal a different kind of dome architecture.

From Chaos to creation, birth and elevation.


Directed and Music by Nicolas Bouillot

Sèmes. These small units of energy are produced by our contacts. When heat and matter meet, movement unfolds and transforms its habitat, toward a series of reactions to its presence. A new reality is born, impresses the minds and redefines the limits of the imaginary. Finally, this encounter forges this reality, falsely real because constructed, but truly real since imagined.

The short film Sèmes extrapolates an improvised piece on classical guitar into a synthetic audiovisual universe. The musical harmony is modelled by a sphere with 12 vertices, whose density of chords determines its movements, like a crumpled paper ball.


Directed and Music by VJ Não Consta

The musical duo Hyglu and the visual artist VJ Não Consta’s project is a commentary on the real worth of our lives and how they are carelessly utilised within a society that values consumption. The black and white visual style is juxtaposed with the vibrant red colour in order to create an atmosphere that leads us to question how we spend our time and what really drives us to live.

The work serves as a reminder that we are not our employers or our belongings, but rather that money is just a resource we gather in exchange for our lives.


Directed by Fusako Baba, Music by Schusei

An image generated by the word “Silk Road. If I travelled along the Silk Road, I may have a dream like this.

Enjoy the pleasant music and beautiful colours.

Introductory Econometrics

Directed by Lydia Yakonowsky, Music by Wojciech Golczewski

Introductory Econometrics is an exploratory animation composed of generative visuals, it is a creative visualization of various elements of economic modelling.

This film acts as a live econometrics manual, where graphics are freed from rigid grids and move in a living and complex universe of coloured and dancing data points.

Diving in the Garden

Directed and Music by VJ Fabinho

Dip in the sacred garden of entheogens. Amanita, Jurema, Sálvia, Morning Glory, among other plants of power.


Directed by Débora Passos, Anibal Diniz (VJ Nibeira), Victor Valentim (Zivito), Music by Victor Valentim (Zivito)

Ginófitas is a fulldome film by Anibal Alexandre (Nibêra) and Victor Valentim (Zivito) in partnership with visual artist Débora Passos, based on her homonymous series of works. Through watercolours, drawings and free embroidery techniques, organic forms are created that refer to human and plant physiologies. Similar to gene recombination, these works show the depth of the relationship between humans and plants, at the same time ancestral and urgent in light of the consequences of hyper domestication, and historical and Anthropocene explorations.

Jacinthe XYZ

Directed by Sébastien Labrunie, Music by Clément Putegnat

JACINTHE_XYZ started with a simple constraint: Using one single ordinary subject as an immersive piece starting point, focusing on its visual properties and working from there live. Like a classic still life, but in space and time.

JACINTHE_XYZ explores the full-colour palette of one single 3D photogrammetric scan of a group of hyacinths sitting on my window in Vernon, France, back in early 2021. Using real-time modulations and distortions the goal was to push the available material characteristics into different visual rhythms creating an abstract narrative taking advantage of the whole dome canvas. The visuals were first captured in one live session using a midi controller to fully modulate the scan. Then the talented french musician Clément Putegnat worked on the soundtrack from the visuals and then recorded one single live clarinet/looper improvisation session. To close the creative loop I captured a final live visual session based on Clément’s soundtrack.

‘Bright Stars’

321 Liftoff! – Directed by Martin Živocký, Filip Veselý, Music by Karel Antonín

Most fulldome shows are about the universe. Our story is about how hard it
is to get there.

Elon is a hamster scientist who lives in a dump yard. He tries to fit in the local rats’ community but nobody takes him seriously. The rats aren’t interested in his scientific experiments which often fail in practice. One day Elon hears a crash. In his garden, he finds a crater and a damaged robot inside. How did he get here? Elon fixes the robot and finds out that he fell from a spaceship which is going to prepare Mars for colonization. But the ship leaves in three days. And that’s how Elon’s great adventure starts.

Will he manage to get the robot back to his ship before it leaves with all the robot’s friends? 3-2-1 Liftoff! Is an adventurous animated film about courage and wits you need to have to get in space and back.

We Are Guardians – Directed by Max Crow, Music by Rhian Sheehan

The world, its peoples and environments are connected and
interdependent. From the smallest bacteria to the largest ocean whale; there
exists a link between all things. In a world out of balance, We Are Guardians
looks at how ecosystems are intrinsically connected and with the increasing use
of Satellite Monitoring, examines the links between human activities and climate

‘Distant Worlds’

Space Oases – Directed by Ondrej Kamensky and Jan Píšala, Music by Roman Kašník, Studio Reset

We are inhabitants of a water world. Inhabitants of a space oasis speeding through empty space somewhere between the orbits of Venus and Mars. Water forms our planet as well as ourselves. Its possible shortage raises concern because we are well aware we cannot do without it.

It is the first thing we pack for any trip, be it even a short one. And that is while we are still down here on Earth, where water is plentiful. But what if we set out for a long journey? Like into space?

Undoubtedly, we will be bringing water with us. However, every kilo counts when it comes to paying for rocket fuel. Hence it should come as no surprise that searching for water in our vicinity – within the Solar System – is amongst the priorities of modern astronomy. We will trace water across the whole Solar System: in deep lunar craters, in the scorching heat of the Venusian atmosphere, in deserts of Martian lands or on frozen satellites of Jupiter and Saturn. We will fly over gigantic ice floes, hidden oceans and icy showers of marvellous cryovolcanoes.

Voyager: The Never-Ending Journey – Directed by Yuriy Gapon, Music by UPM

The movie tells a thrilling story of the most remarkable space mission in human history. In 1977 two space probes were launched to explore the farthest planets of the Solar system: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune along with their moons. These spacecraft greatly enriched our knowledge of the distant worlds. Now after four decades they explore interstellar space.

Like two bottles launched into the cosmic ocean, both probes carry an interstellar message – the Golden Record, intended for any alien civilization.

‘Spherical Landscapes’

Sumerian World– Directed by Hiromitsu Kohsaka, Music by Yoshihisa Sakai

This short film depicts 「須弥山世界」, the “Sumerian World”, an ancient Indian cosmology. The Sumerian world is made up of eight oceans and seven mountain ranges that separate them. In the center of the world rises the highest mountain ”Mount Sumeru, where various deities reside. The body of Mt. Sumeru is made of gold, crystal, lapis lazuli, and platinum, and is guarded on its four sides by Shitennou, the Four Heavenly Kings. There are thirty-three castles on the summit of Mount Sumeru, and the central castle is called 「善見城] “Zenkenjo”.

In the air above Zenkenjo castle dwells the Bodhisattva and Nyorai, the highest ranked among all Buddhas.

Druckmoment– Directed and Music by Finn Tödte

Like a 3D printer is forming something new from a material, ‘DRUCKMOMENT’ takes the sonic and visual material of the printing process and uses it to form something new, contrasting and expanding. The processes of scanning and printing are mixed artistically, to create an audiovisual 360° performance, leading to a complex sound pressure mass which concludes to form the printed 3D object.

Created by Finn Tödte while studying sound design, the focus of the work is to exploit the possibilities of 3D sound in a planetarium and the interaction between sound and video. The work consists of audio recordings of a 3D printer using a contact microphone and macro video recordings of a 3D printer. The audio recordings are used to compose an experimental sound design in the manner of contemporary electronic music. Unlike conventional filmmaking, the sound design was created before the picture was edited.

Earth | Tree | Sky – Directed by Lucy Boyd-Wilson, Music by Barry Lockwood

Designed as both a fulldome and virtual reality experience, this short film immerses the viewer in the mystery and majesty of a tree in all its domains, from earth to sky. Viewers are taken on a meditative journey, fully enveloped in the intimate complexity of roots and grasses, branches and leaves.

The piece expresses, with reverence and visual poetry, that a tree belongs to
the earth, the land, and the sky, bridging these domains with grandeur and grace.
Lucy Boyd-Wilson, uses the mediums of virtual reality and fulldome display with intention, crafting the piece as a fully immersive experience.

Swarm – Directed by Maarten Isaäk de Heer, Music by M.I. de Heer

Swarming is a behavioural phenomenon to survive, but more than often, it is a prelude to extinction.

Fly with the flock as they travel from Germany, over the Alps, to the Mediterranean Sea. Small birds migrate over exhausted and exploited landscapes. Robins, tits and sparrows do not usually migrate this far, but in a near future, they might.

Swarm offers a bird’s eye’s view over landscapes of three-dimensional photo collages that show a part of Europe after climate change.

Biosphere – Directed by Florian Guibert

To Mij About – Directed by Max Crow, Music by Ghost Funk Orchestra “

A documentary following a dog on his favourite walk.

‘Architecture of the Mind’

Grandmas House– Directed and Music by David Gardener

A story of memory and dementia. Recalled memories of time spent at grandma’s house become ever more confused, as the film spirals into the depths of dementia. The memories become muddled and confused as the film progresses, matched with the ever-increasing strangeness of the animated scenes depicting the memories.

Lockdown Dreamscape 360° – Directed and Music by Nicolas Gebbe

When spending a lot of time at home in isolation, the walls begin
to move.

The sense of time fades, the days pass quietly, and everything seems to
repeat itself endlessly. Spaces, conversations, visual impressions and sounds
merge and make everything seem like a long dream.

The Inner Island – Directed by Sergey Prokofyev, Music by Miaka Alona

This tiny world arose on the basis of a piece of music Souvenir de
Porto Rico by composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk written from 1857 during a
tour in Puerto Rico.

Car Crash – Directed by Peter Várnai, Music by Gyula Várnai

Car Crash is an immersive full dome short film where damaged, dancing bodies of cars that have fallen from the sky perform a ritual. Car Crash is a short excerpt from a parallel reality where cars are a metaphor for human beings and consciousness with its different states are similar to the reality we may not have known so far.

Bill’s Attic – Experiential Archive – Directed and Music by Scott Fletcher

BIll’s Attic was once a real place but now it is many spaces, consisting of four key elements that together form a physical and digital resource of incredible artefacts; a gift for the artist in everyone, to inspire a fresh generation of creators, makers, thinkers and radicals.

The audience can look at, through and beyond the attic’s beams, walls and artefacts in a highly abstracted manner, which sets a counterpoint to the other more informative aspects of this project.

Dream – Directed by Ari Dykier, Music by Roman Poczapski