The return back to normal working life is now at our doorsteps, and so much has been different. But what kinds of changes will you be taking forward? Does one of them include working more at home or in the office? Another option you could consider is coworking.

Put simply, coworking is sharing a workplace or office with a range of different people.

At Real Ideas, we have a range of fantastic spaces you can co-work from across the South West. Our buildings include the grade 2 listed newly opened, Market Hall in Devonport, Ocean Studios on Royal William Yard and CSpace in Newquay.

Market Hall has various practical and comfortable working spaces: it is full to the brim with plants bringing the outdoors in (courtesy of @NookHousePlants) and is flooded with natural light through grand vintage windows. To be environmentally conscious, we’ve tried to repurpose and use as much recycled material as possible, and we also sourced the workforce, furniture and materials locally where we could. To bring you the Market Hall, we worked closely with various individuals and organisations such as @TheAlbionWorkshop, @davebescarp, South West Shopfitters, Jacob McTighe and Replica.

If you’re not already sold on co-work at Real Ideas, here are five stand-alone advantages to working in a co-work office:

1. Networking Opportunities

Our workspaces provide the perfect opportunity to meet new people and collaborate. Often, co-work areas are full of like-minded people where conversations bloom and before you know it, you’ve developed a new network that can help you and your organisation grow.

2. Flexibility

There are no rules! Coworking allows for greater flexibility of your workspace, you could choose a bigger desk one day or space in a quiet room the next. The furniture at the Market Hall is modular and moveable, providing even more flexibility! If you sign up for a Real Ideas membership, you will even have the choice of working from 3 different buildings in Plymouth and 2 in Cornwall.

3. Increase Productivity

Many people report working in a new and stimulating environment helps increase productivity. It could be because you are no longer spending large sums of money on renting an office space or distracted by a looming pile of laundry!

4. Combats Loneliness

Being isolated at home or in a small office can make you feel alone and disconnected. Sometimes it feels as though you are the only person in 100 miles. Co-working can change this! Even if you attend a coworking space alone, it is very unlikely you’ll be the only person in the room. Just seeing other people can help make the world seem smaller. Whether you are seeing new or reoccurring faces, coworking allows a real sense of community to be built.

5. Work/Life Balance

For many, including myself, working from home has meant I struggle to switch off from work when my working day ends. Physically going to another building can help you manage your working hours and allow you to feel more in control.

Extra Real Ideas Coworking advantages – become a member!

As part of Real Ideas membership, we can offer some 1-2-1 business support, mentoring or coaching, priority invites to experiences, workshops and events, online and face to face and webinars and online discussions.

Not to mention, at the Market Hall, you will have access to a Café, state of the art technology and even an immersive 360⁰ Dome.

Become a member today!