“After such a long time delivering most of our activities online, it was a delight to be back delivering events in the physical world!” says Game Changer Navigator Helen.

Game Changer is a National Lottery Community and European Social Funded project, which supports young people into work, education or training. Working with our friendly navigators, you’ll explore your interests and find the path that is right for you.

After years of being told we must stay indoors and socialise at a distance, adjusting back to the ‘norm’ and feeling confident in social situations can be challenging; to reignite a feeling of connection between young people, Game Changer Navigators Helen, Billy and Leanne arranged a ‘Wellbeing in the Woods’ Day at 7th Rise on The Roseland Peninsula for Game Changer participants.

“I can’t rave about this place enough!” says Helen about the beautiful location of 7th Rise. Real Ideas has many links in the Cornish community, which help to connect young people to their local environment.

Participants arrived at Truro train station and for some it was the first time they had ever travelled by train alone. They rocked on down across the beautiful King Harry Ferry and made their way to the 7th Rise site, nestled in woodland by the river. “The weather smiled upon us, and we made the most of this.” (Helen)

Navigator Billy, who has a extensive knowledge of food and foraging, led everyone in making an amazing meal; a cake coloured with dried nettles and baked in a Dutch oven over the fire, then decorated with crystallised flowers. The young people explored foraging natural ingredients from the land at 7th Rise on a foraging walk with Billy. They then made a delicious feast including Chinese pancakes, again cooked over the fire, foraged salad and so much more, whilst Navigator Leanne ensured every part of the day ran smoothly, giving the young people the best experience.

They were also joined by an artist, Freya, who had previously been a participant on Game Changer. She led art activities to help everyone relax and enjoy the experience. Throughout the day, the young people got the opportunity to build relationships and confidence in adjusting to a more social environment, whilst the navigators generally chatted, encouraged, took photos, and ate loads of yummy food!

Events like this are an essential part of how we are encouraging our participants back into engaging with new people and experiences, which in turn prepares them for future employment. We are privileged to be able to offer these and so proud of the progress that our Game Changer participants make. Look out for more of these events coming soon!

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