We are experts in young people – Discover what Game Changer can do for you

As a young person, the road to getting your dream job, or any job for that matter, is tough enough. Throw in a pandemic and it may seem impossible. But, it isn’t.

This is when we step up to help. We are Game Changer and we see the world differently.

Achieving great things even through a pandemic!

It’s been a tough year – with big changes to how we live, work and play and one of the most hit groups has been young people.

Game Changer supports young people into the world of work, education and training Our brilliant team has continued achieving great things for young people.

Helping young people discover their passion.

We support a varied range of work experiences in areas such as music, the arts, food, gardening, digital, care, events and festivals, in business, in the voluntary sector and in social enterprise.

Not sure if Game Changer can help you? Read our young people’s stories to see how Game Changer can make a difference to you.

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