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Worlds of Ice

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Enjoy a breath-taking immersive journey through amazing Worlds of Ice from the arctic to the furthest reaches of the universe!

Worlds of Ice

Don’t miss out on the last chance to see Worlds of Ice!

“Worlds of Ice” invites us on a fulldome journey to the farthest reaches of the solar system, travelling through the dimensions of ice from the remote territories of the arctic, to a scientific complex nested under the South Pole.

We experience it all immersed in a kaleidoscopic igloo from which we never cease to re-emerge, dazzled by the chronicles of an icy wonderland to which Beatrice Deer, a popular figure of the Inuit culture, lends her unique voice.

Thirty-five minutes of pure delight that explores the two-way relationship between humans and ice, this protean substance whose astonishing dynamics universally affect biology, astronomy, ocean sciences, anthropology, culture and artistic expression.

But “Worlds of Ice” also rattles us, revealing how our disastrous human actions are responsible for the melting polar ice caps, and how close we are to the tipping point of dramatic climate change. A sobering reality indeed.

Ice. Precious, and vital.

Total running time: 35 minutes

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