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Tasseography Textiles by Becky Dodman-Wainwright - Exhibition Opening

Thu, 1st Jan 1970, 12:00am
An enchanting evening showcasing the profound connection between creativity, mindfulness, and the healing power of textiles.

Becky Dodman-Wainwright’s recent venture “Tasseography Textiles,” offers a whimsical take on the everyday ritual of tea consumption and its profound role in fostering connections, conversations, and future planning.

Through this innovative project, Becky employs the ancient art of tea leaf readings to transform the act of sipping tea into a unique exploration of spirit, form, and colour, engaging both designers and non-designers alike.

Within this participatory design approach, individuals are invited to delve into their inner landscapes and explore the concept of ‘otherness’ as a fluid and evolving future self. This collaborative process generates design blueprints that eventually manifest as intricate textile artworks.

The upcoming exhibition will be a window into Becky’s creative journey over the past two years, showcasing five impressive large-scale tapestry weavings crafted using Axminster rug yarn and various wools.

What sets this exhibition apart is Becky’s unconventional approach to channelling the essence and atmosphere of her surroundings. She has ventured into remote locations on Dartmoor, engaging in tea leaf readings with four individuals, allowing the natural environment to infuse her creations with a unique energy and narrative.

During the tea leaf reading sessions, initial colour palettes and abstract shapes are documented, providing Becky with the foundational elements for her subsequent artistic process. These recordings serve as the building blocks for her physical and digital collages, which are then upscaled into weaving cartoons. These cartoons become her guiding companions as she weaves these tangible artefacts at her Leclerc vertical tapestry loom in Stoke, Plymouth, Devon.

Join us for an enchanting evening at the exhibition opening, where Becky Dodman will take us on a captivating journey into the realm of textiles and well-being. She will share her insights into the profound connection between creativity, mindfulness, and the healing power of textiles. Additionally, this event marks the beginning of our textile and fashion socials, a platform for enthusiasts to connect, share, and celebrate the world of textiles and fashion.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the intersection of art, well-being, and creativity with Becky Dodman-Wainwright.

Reserve your spot now for an evening of inspiration, conversation, and the unveiling of her remarkable textile artworks.

We look forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary event!

Event details:

Date: Tuesday 3rd October

Door open: 6pm

Speech: 6.30pm

Social: 7.30pm


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