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Outside of formal qualifications, exams and tests, individuals are constantly evolving through work, volunteering in communities, attending events, and interacting with new ideas.

Begin a digital badging journey with us and you’ll discover how to create your own bespoke badges to acknowledge and reward the growth, development and achievements of your students, volunteers, colleagues and teams.

You can write a badge about anything, and award it to anyone that has achieved the specified criteria. And with the earning criteria and skills involved in completing that activity clearly displayed online you give the earners the power, tools, and language to articulate their experiences when seeking future opportunities.

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Events, activities and workshops

Looking to get stuck-in with a 1.5 hour badge writing workshop, or to hear more from our community? We’ve got you covered!

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Organisations who are busy badging

We are incredibly lucky and proud to have a huge range of amazing organisations and individuals in our community. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of businesses including Coca Cola, Weston College, Vistry, Bradford Metropolitan Council and Cambridge Council.

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