Triangular Pixels are award-winning game developers based in Cornwall. They are looking for budding game artists to take part in virtual work experience.

  • Applicants are welcome from any background, regardless of prior experience – but they must have a passion for the creation of games rather than just playing them.
  • As a game artist, you will need a good understanding and be comfortable with maths and logic, as it’s very much an everyday part of the job.
  • You don’t need to know how to use 3D software, but a basic knowledge of the terminology used in modelling 3D assets is useful.
  • In order to complete the experience you will need to be able to video call, and applications would need to have to use their own hardware to complete tasks.

This opportunity is open to Game Changer participants aged 15-24 years old.

Closing date for applications is 21st August.

Please send applications to

There will be a two-stage process of CV applications and then online interviews.

We will need you to submit a CV (PDF) and links to your online portfolio (we suggest or ). We expect you to have done a portfolio of your own creative work, from work done on mods for other games, fan art, assets created for schoolwork, part of a previous job or your own ideas or doodles.
We expect you to work for five working days. We allow for fully flexible working around any responsibilities you have and will allow you to work the five required days over the period of up to two weeks.

If you require this advert in a different format or have any accessibility issues please email:

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