The Almanac Suite is a score inspired by the landscape and seasonal change in Cornwall. Recorded in early June 2022 at The Calf House, Pendeen, this new album takes the listener on a cyclical journey through nature. The Rat Affair performed it live for the very first time on June 21st to mark the Summer Solstice. It was then released on December 21st for the Winter Solstice. Writer Louis Gulliver King tells us about the writing and recording process of this album.

“The Rat Affair spent two weeks working in rural isolation, drawing inspiration form the rugged West Penwith landscape. The first week was spent exploring each season through music and which textures and sounds we wanted to capture. We were then joined by writer Anna Maria Murphy in our second week. Anna used our material to inspire her own words, which in turn changed many of the compositions once text was added. Ultimately we came out of the studio with four tracks, all very different, but all tying together the themes of nature and natural cycles.”

The Almanac Suite features music written and performed by Eliot Henry Allison, Kath Buckler, Louis Gulliver King, Alyssa Lynch, James Stewart and Roger Luxton. With text written and performed by Anna Maria Murphy. It was created with the support of Real Ideas Organisation and was a part of Schools For All Seasons. You can find out more about Schools for all Seasons here.

Listen to the The Almanac Suite now here and find out more about The Rat Affair here.