We want to talk! At Real Ideas we are a chatty bunch, and we’d love for you to pop into our Liskeard office on number 2 Pike Street next Monday, 20th December, for our last festive drop-in session. Come and grab a mince pie between the hours of 1:00pm – 5:30pm and we can share some stories about what Real Ideas has been involved in. It was only last week that a local primary school came to visit us, and the school children shared their thoughts on being part of the Liskeard community.

We are opening our doors to local residents, or anyone who fancies, to provide a space for conversation about work we are conducting in your area. We want the local community to feel connected to the work we do and for Liskeard residents to feel like they have a voice. We can talk about the plan for the Liskeard Library and some of the work we are doing this Christmas.

Kate Reed, Head of Employability and Pathways at Real Ideas, was recently on Liskeard radio talking about our drop-in sessions, Kate said “I had a lovely hour long conversation with David Ambler chatting about Real Ideas work, particularly our work with young people and Liskeard Library as well as breakfast choices and social media.”

If you’re interested in popping along and need some directions, check out how to find us here.