After previously working with Real Ideas and completing a successful Kickstart placement in retail, Shane was feeling confused and a little lost about what to do next. He joined the Compass programme in May and quickly threw himself into all that was on offer.

Shane particularly enjoyed the outdoor cooking sessions and VR/gaming events that Real Ideas hold on a regular basis across Cornwall. He learnt an array of new cooking skills as well as gaining an understanding of sustainable food and had access to the latest VR and gaming technology on a weekly basis (his smile says it all!)

Alongside all of the fun he was having, Shane worked closely with Laura to plan his next steps.

“After my Kickstart placement at Salt Rock, I knew I wanted to work in retail because the customer service aspect of the job really appealed to me.”

 Firstly, Shane created a plan of action which detailed where he wanted to be in the future and how he was going to get there. With support, he tweaked and improved his CV on a regular basis and searched and applied for the jobs which piqued his interest.

 After lots of hard work and some setbacks along the way, the golden moment came when Shane was offered an interview at Pets at Home. As a lover of animals and the company ethos, Shane was very eager to impress the panel and secure the job. He thoroughly researched the company and prepped well for his interview, having several . The interview and work trial went so well that they offered him the job there and then.

“I am over the moon that I got the job, I can see myself being there for a very long time and progressing through the company. Thank you to the Compass programme and Real Ideas for supporting me on my journey, I never would have got there without you. I would recommend the programme to anybody who is a little bit lost and needs support.”

Well done Shane, we wish you all the best in your future!

Compass is funded by the European Social Fund and is lead by CSW.

To book your place and get support via Real Ideas email or call 0330 223 4158 option 2.