Earlier this year, Swindon Dance announced a new commission programme, the Digital4.

They were looking for four artists to create dance films to be presented through their Online Platform. Four dance artists/companies have since developed new work that they are ready to share with you.

The successful artists selected for the Digital4 award were AWA Dance, Banxy, Henry Labrada Rodriguez, and Tangled Dance Company. Each has worked with a team to devise a film on their chosen topic. Throughout November stay tuned as Swindon Dance release the Digital4 films for your viewing leisure!

The Digital4 Programme:

Hip Hop Knights, Banxy

Putting a spotlight on some of Swindon’s veterans of street dance, “they’ve still got style, so why not show it.” Visuals paired with exciting beats hitting your ear canals using the juxtaposition of Swindon through the lens.

Roots & Anchors , Tangled Dance Company

Two nomadic wanderers explore new lands to set down fresh roots; no matter where they travel, their native culture is carried with them.

Lost in Parameteriztion, Henry Labrada Rodriguez

This film portrays Fabián’s alienation from society and his identity. As the film turns to identity, we investigate the body and the psyche in their vulnerable possibilities.

Let Them Eat Cake! AWA DANCE

AWA Dance’s film, Let Them Eat Cake!, was shown earlier this year, watch the award winning film if you missed it.

Inspired by a twist on the famous phrase by the French Queen Marie Antoinette, Let Them Eat Cake! is a short dance film on girls’ empowerment and body image positivity. Three girls rebel against how society dictates how they see themselves.

In Let Them Eat Cake! the three characters will transform from being “perfect girls” in their 18th-century costumes, to embrace who they really are.

Visit the Swindon Dance website here to see the release dates.