Risograph Printer - Open Access

Risograph Printer - Open Access

Our Risograph Printer – Model no RZ370

Currently we have three colours available: Black, Blue and Pink

RISO is a stencil printer designed for mass duplication. As a printing process, RISO is placed somewhere between offset lithography and screen printing. What makes the RISO special is it’s unique colour system and it’s print finish.

Used by Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Artists and Creatives to produce beautiful textures and colour overlays, the RISO ascetic remains ever popular.

Our RISO uses soy oil inks and is energy efficient.

Booking open access with the RISO

Currently the RISO is available to book for 2 hour slots on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We have a dedicated laptop set up to use with the RISO and access to adobe creative cloud if needed.




Type Real Art Make Print
Room Capacity 1
Available Days MTWTFSS
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