A short reflection written by one of the brilliant Game Changer navigators.

One of the joys of working on a project like Game Changer is the opportunity to engage with so many of fascinating people. As a navigator, I am lucky to be able to get to know and work with the people on my caseload and I am constantly blown away by the conversations I have.

Through these chats, we explore what matters to you all, what you worry will stop you, and what you feel able to have a go at to get the ball rolling. This conversation is different every time and seeing you all grow, and face challenges makes me proud to know you all.

In the last few weeks, I have been so thrilled to see people on my caseload progress. Several of you are heading off to Further or Higher Education, some into jobs, so we will be saying goodbye to you but with the knowledge that you have worked hard on your personal and professional development and are better placed to make life choices because of your hard work.

Others are doing work experience, Devin and Sam have been busy over the last weeks working in a boatyard in Gweek helping to overhaul a boat. Both want to work in the marine industry and are really interested in boat building so this experience has been great. Both are heading off to Falmouth Marine School. Another young man has been helping out on local farms to gain experience as agriculture is the area he wants to develop a career in. He is heading to Duchy College this month.

Two others on my caseload have been busy as well doing virtual work experience with a game’s development company, Triangular Pixels. Will has been working with me for a while and has been developing his skills in digital art and graphics. Harry literally joined the programme a few days before he was interviewed for the work experience opportunity. Quite a daunting challenge when you have just gotten involved.

And finally, Freya has been successful in securing a grant through Real Ideas Fellowships to develop an online art and well- being group. She has been researching and learning lots of useful stuff over the last few months and this grant will help her take the next steps towards making her idea a reality.

I know many others across Game Changer have been doing amazing and interesting things as well and this is just a brief snapshot of what has been going on for a very few of my gang of Game Changers.

So, a virtual round of applause to you all, keep on keeping on and I look forward to seeing more of you make the progress you are aiming for.

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