Real Ideas are dedicated to One Planet Living principles, we look for ways to build sustainable practice into what we do, and support local businesses and environmentally focussed initiatives along the way.

This Earth Day we asked Thurstan Crockett, who is working with us on our Sustainability Action Plan, to give us some pointers on how to get involved and be more mindful this Earth Day:

Spend some time in nature; find a spot and stay for long enough that the wildlife comes (nearer) to you.

If you’re a lark, try getting up at dawn or early in the morning and finding somewhere to listen to the birdsong.

I camped out last Saturday near Stithians (in the frost!) and woke enough just before dawn to hear a pair of tawny owls calling to one another, then a crow rasping, and finally the most amazing dawn chorus. Then it was ear plugs in and back to sleep in my thick sleeping bag!

Want some solid ideas about how to make a difference and live more sustainably? Here’s some good places to start:

Whatever you do, enjoy taking some time on Earth Day to connect with the part of you that is in awe and wonder at the natural world and wants not just to connect with it, but to work with others to care for and enhance it.