During Great Big Green Week 2021, Real Ideas is proud to announce we are committed to living as though we only have one planet – because we do only have one planet! And if you keep up to date with all things green, you may have even heard of the One Planet Living framework? It was created by Bioregional and developed by the Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The framework was released in response to our Climate Crisis but covers more than just being eco-friendly, but discusses equity, health and happiness. Real Ideas has been drawn to the framework because it aligns with what we stand for – looking after people and the planet – and we’ve managed to put it in a lovely document! It even ties in with Plymouth becoming a Fab City.

But what is it? Well for us, it’s a plan where we have described our vision for the future of our organisation and the aims and objectives we hope to achieve in the following years. All in all, the document covers 10 different topics:
• Health and happiness
• Equity and Local Economy
• Culture & Community
• Land & Nature
• Sustainable Water
• Local & Sustainable Food
• Sustainable Materials
• Sustainable Transport
• Zero Waste
• Zero Carbon

So it covers a lot! The wide range of topics encompasses both the planet but also takes into account that we are human beings. For the moment, Real Ideas will be focusing our efforts on 4 topics, Sustainable Materials & Products, Zero Carbon, Equity & Local Economy and Sustainable Transport and Travel.

Our documents are available:
Focused One Planet Living Document
Full One Planet Living Document

If the One Planet Living approach speaks to you why not join our Membership and be part of a community of individuals and organisations that care about social and environmental impact.

We are using the One Planet Living framework created by Bioregional – find out more at: www.bioregional.com/oneplanetliving