Pressing Matters magazine is a publication full of inky inspiration, celebrating the best of modern printmaking from around the world. Made by printmakers for printmakers, it speak to artists about their creative processes and passion for print. Expect inky fingers, creative workspaces, sketchbooks and artworks – across all kinds of techniques and mediums. We caught up with founder John to hear all about the new issue!

“If there is a theme running through our anniversary edition, it’s most certainly a celebration of colour. Whether it’s through an experimental, abstract approach to image-making or by using colour to remember a place or a feeling, the tones and hues we use say a lot about us and how we see the world. It seems only right to embrace this riot of colour with open arms and create an issue full of vibrancy and brilliant ideas. Oh, and I’ve brought back some old favourites and added some new features to keep things interesting for us all.”

“This issue also celebrates both the triumphs and struggles we all face in our creative journey and it’s something that our print challenge winner managed to sum up brilliantly in her submission. There are artists looking back in order to look forward, creating new imagined worlds and using print to make sense of their own mental health and that of others. With more of the print community adding their voices to the mix, I hope we can share the thoughts and ideas of artists in their own words and share fascinating conversations that are happening in the world of printmaking.”

“I’m excited to reach the grand age of 20 (issues) and like anyone in their early twenties, I’m slightly giddy with excitement about what the future holds for the publication. I hope that energy has seeped into the pages of the magazine and you feel the warm glow of positivity when you open it up and immerse yourself in the world of these wonderful makers.”

Pressing Matters is an official partner of Print in Action Festival. Find out more about the collab on the Print in Action website here.

You can real the latest Pressing Matters edition here.