Classroom Changemakers is a Nesta award programme for teachers and teaching assistants with great ideas to encourage creativity and problem-solving in maths and computer science. 

There is broad consensus that skills such as creativity and problem-solving will be vital in ensuring young people from all backgrounds are well-prepared for life and work in the 21st century. Nesta are launching Classroom Changemakers – an award programme to unearth, celebrate and share great ideas from teachers and teaching assistants which aim to give young people the opportunity to be creative and solve problems in maths and computer science. They will award 15 teachers, or teaching assistants, £5,000 each to their school or college to celebrate their work. 

In the UK, particularly in England, a high-stakes accountability education system puts great emphasis on the academic attainment of a young person, however there is growing demand from educators, employers and young people for the system to pay more attention to skills development.

If you’re a secondary maths or computer science teacher who is intereested in doing things more creatively, visit the Nesta website to read more nad apply: