Exhibitions, talks and events giving a voice to people with lived experience

Hope in the Heart and their partners are delighted to announce the launch of Messages from the HeART, an exciting, unique exhibition and series of events funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and taking place at Ocean Studios from 5th to 22nd May. 

The aim of the Messages from the HeART project is to give a voice to people with lived experience of many kinds of challenges, and find to ways to ensure those voices are heard by those in power. 

The exhibition and events programme will provide a platform to address some of the issues faced by people with lived experience and will promote relational change and co-production in an innovative, interactive and creative way.  Hope in the Heart and Real Ideas invites professionals and leaders to leave their lanyards at home and engage with the people and messages behind the exhibition’s diverse and moving artworks. 

Tam Martin Fowles, founding director of Hope in the Heart says: 

“People who live through challenging times often emerge with a message that is asking to be communicated; it is as though a door has been opened within our psyches and we have a story that needs to be told to aid our own recovery and healing and to inspire and inform others. Creativity can be an ideal channel for this communication. From disempowerment to discrimination to climate distress, from displacement to disability to dissatisfaction with the prison system, from gratitude to grief and so much more, our experiences are important and our voices deserve to be heard. 

While those of us who are or have been service users may have encountered some excellent supportive services, we can often feel that providers do not relate to us as “human being to human being” in a spirit of compassion and equity.  This project seeks to be inspiring and informative in a welcoming, safe and engaging way”  

Hope in the Heart are also keen to hear the voices, messages and responses of the people behind the services and they hope many will join the events for an exploration, and ultimately a celebration, of the potential to create compassionate change together.  

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