Real Ideas is actively looking to become a ‘Gateway’ organisation (you may have heard this role described as an intermediary or representative body) for the Government’s Kickstart job creation scheme.

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We didn’t have to think about this decision for very long or very hard because it draws together so much of what we do and is absolutely the stuff we care about: bringing great businesses together with young people who need support to find their future creates a more inclusive economy as a result.

Since 2007 Real Ideas has been working with young people to support them to find a better future and begin their careers. We have worked with many young people who due to circumstance did not know that this could be possible or where to start. It has been an absolute privilege to walk alongside those young people coaxing out their passions, helping them remove the stuff that’s in the way, and inspiring them to achieve.

Over the last few years, we’ve worked with over 1,000 young people particularly those aged 16-24 connecting them to opportunities, coaching, mentoring and instilling skills that enable them to thrive in the workplace. Young people we have worked with have embarked on engineering apprenticeships (they were advised to only look at animal care), have set up creative businesses and have started work in finance, admin, digital and almost every kind of job you can think of.

Our Navigators who directly work with young people are an incredible mix of inspiring, supportive and challenging; they know how to get the best from young people, help them discover and unlock, and then how to build those things into business value that they can confidently bring to a workplace. They are there when things are tricky but also their biggest champion. They don’t do this alone. Creating an inclusive economy requires businesses and organisations as part of the solution.

At Real Ideas we are fortunate to have networks and connections with a wide range of exciting businesses and entrepreneurs, and have been able to provide support when required, co-delivered work, connected the dots and created spaces to work and come together. Being a Gateway provider to enable SMEs (and bigger businesses too) to access the scheme, to get to know us, and be part of making that difference to young people is just what we’re about!

We can bring our expertise to bear in order to make the Kickstart scheme a real success for businesses and young people. We want to meet more likeminded people who are interested in making that difference in the world and creating something that’s fairer for everyone. Particularly at times like these, we believe connecting and sharing is what’s needed.

To work with us on the Kickstart job creation scheme, find out more about the Kickstart scheme or sign up to our upcoming webinar.