Printmaker Sarah Gregory will be hosting a workshop during Print in Action Festival. Fragments in Landscape’ is an introduction into the creative process of transferring marks from the palette directory onto the papers surface using a hand held roller. With Sarah, you will explore a range of mark making techniques and the effects of layering with colour and tone. We caught up with Sarah to find out more about her practice.

“Living in beautiful Devon, close to the coast and moors provides an abundance of inspiration for my practice. I love the textures of corrosion, the silver hue of bleach, weathered wood and the rich appearance of rust. I see the beauty within natures canvas and quite often in the grimy stains on dilapidated buildings. My work is a representation of the urban and natural environment we now live in, portrayed through a hybrid technique where painting and printmaking find a happy and compatible relationship.”

“Currently studying MA Painting at AUP encourages a deeper understanding and level of enquiry within my practice which seems to be working successfully at present! I never realised that I could find such valuable rewards by searching deeper into my creative practice. So, watch this space as I continue to explore, experiment and satisfy my curiosity for the new.”

“My favourite tool would have to be my 4″ soft roller because I love the way it glides across the surface and immediately transforms the image. I can manoeuvre it to produce different effects and I like the versatility it offers me. My favourite paper is Canaletto. I like it because of its smooth, elegant surface and the way it reacts to the roller as it applies the ink. It is robust enough to absorb all the attention I give it through mark making, scratching and polishing. Printmaking Stay Open Inks by Hawthorn are my favourite. I love the colour range and the fluid way it applies itself. It has a tacky consistency which works well with my technique. The opaque and translucent colours are rich and deep in nature and work well as part of my materials.”

“The ‘Fragments in Landscape ‘ activity provides an introduction to the creative process of transferring interesting marks from the palette directly onto paper using a hand held roller while exploring a range of mark making techniques. As depth within the image grows you will be able to see the positive effects of layering through the use of colour and tone. A character and identity will unfold as the subtle effects and previous traces reveal themselves within the image. This will be a fun and informal activity, requiring no previous experience, just a willingness to try!”

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