Debby is an am an international artist printmaker, living in Plymouth. During Print in Action Festival she will be hosting a masterclass, working on a Lino cut from a drawing of plankton and printing cards with a small relief press. She will also be beginning to draw into the wax ground on a copper plate for a new etching of a Sprat.

“I specialize in etchings, mezzotints and illustrations of wildlife. I have a BA (Hons) degree in Printmaking and my work has been exhibited in Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions and featured in scientific publications. I have had numerous exhibitions around the world and was recently shortlisted by Monaco Explorations for the position of artist in residence on a voyage. Sadly, I was not selected, but it was a great honour to give a presentation and share my passion at the Musee Oceanographique in Monaco.”

Debby was “inspired at school by Terry Currell, an art master who had studied with William Hayter in Paris and with Gertrude Hermes. Norman Ackroyd” She likes to use “Somerset brilliant white 500 grams” paper and “I like Charbonnel for colours and I use Intaglio Strong black for etchings and mezzotints.” Her favourite tools are “my etching needle which was the first tool I bought when at school, a scraper which is made from a sail needle and a burnisher which belonged to Gertrude Hermes and was given to me by my late art master.”

Buy your tickets for Print in Action festival here to join Debby’s demo and find out more about Debby on her website here. You can also follow Debby on Instagram @debbymason_artist.