Chloe Joined Real Ideas in October 2021 as part of a Kickstarter scheme, a 6-month placement programme which helps young people to gain experience and start their journey of employment. 

Her role was Immersive assistant which involved assisting with the planning and running of events and supporting with various jobs within the organisation. “Doing a Kickstarter at Real Ideas has been a great step after finishing a university course studying photography. It has been great to be involved in events such as Illuminate and dome experiences. The reactions from the events are amazing and knowing I am part of that makes me love the job.” 

In January 2022 Chloe was offered to start a Time to Shine leadership programme as part of the RANK Foundation. Her role focuses on admin and resourcing looking at how systems can be automated. Alongside this she will also be looking at how equipment can be managed and she’ll be setting up maintenance schedules. As part of RANK, she will also be participating in residences and conferences throughout the year to meet with other Time to Shine leaders and develop her skills further. “I am really looking forward to the year ahead in my new role. I have a lot of learning to do but that what makes it exciting for me” said Chloe.

“The opportunities I have been offered at Real Ideas has gone beyond my expectation of what my first job out of university would be. I have been able to gain valuable skills I can use in my current role and for future careers. The whole team at Real Ideas have been really supportive and have been amazing at making me feel part of the team” – Chloe Cox