The headline news today that youth unemployment has risen to 4.1%* is sadly not unexpected and likely doesn’t show the full picture. The health and economic crisis is hitting young people hard from mental health to interruptions in education, to an uncertain and cautious economy favouring experienced workers to see businesses through shaky times.

Young people and the talents they have represent a real opportunity for us to consider broader approaches. Many young people are passionate and motivated by equality, the environment and fairness. Being able to support them and nurture their ability to be a core part of the recovery of the country is critical for our future.

What we can do to help young people

We need to find ways to support young people through blended approaches of both digital and in person, focusing on additional incentives for businesses and young people and most importantly providing support for those who were already disillusioned and disengaged so they don’t further fall behind.

It’s important that there is a real partnership approach to holistically support and enable young people by working with them to solve this crisis, investing in mental health provision and creating flexible and supportive mechanisms that help them navigate the world and the choices and opportunities that do exist. Above all we can’t be complacent – they will shape the future for us all in one way or another

Let’s make it for the better.

If you’re a young person looking for support, talk to us at Real Ideas. There is no commitment but one of our fab team will get in touch to see how they can help.

Source: BBC News