Welcome to Generation E’s takeover! We will be sharing a series of activities, tips, challenges and more that raises awareness for mental health during the month of March. Generation E is a youth-led group for 18-24 year-olds living in Cornwall. Generation E provides a platform for young people to have their voices heard and take social action on issues they are passionate about. We collaborate, co-produce new ideas, enact campaigns and create change where we see fit.

If you’re a Cornwall resident and aged between 18-24, you are eligible to be part of our Generation E team!

Our March Schedule

Monday 1st March:
We are starting easy today… you’re being treated to an insight into who Generation E are! Find out even more on the Real Ideas website. Or if you’re interested in becoming a member, please contact: generatione@realideas.org

Tuesday 2nd March:
Every Tuesday members of Game Changer and Generation E get together for an hour-long virtual well-being session. It’s a safe space for people to interact, create new ideas, relax and talk to other people they can relate to as well as share experiences and other interests. If you’re interested in coming along, speak to your navigator!

Wednesday 3rd March:
Today it’s a brainy one! Have a crack at our crossword, and dedicate a small portion of your day to this intellectual challenge. This puzzle is solved by successfully placing all listed words in the correct boxes. After successful completion, list out the letters in the shaded squares to spell out a positive phrase. Please send over any answers in reply to our Instagram stories, we are looking forward to your guesses.

Thursday 4th March:
Welcome to day 4 of the Generation E mental health March takeover! Today, we have a playful activity to get stuck in with and get crafty. Paper Fortune Tellers are easy to make and all you need is a single piece of A4 paper. Making and crafting are known processes that release stress in people of all ages, so why not have a go and see what’s in store for your future.

Friday 5th March:
One of our Generation E Members Jodie has created this worksheet to help you be mindful and think positively about yourself. What we want you to do is fill in the mirror on this worksheet with positive words to describe yourself, and upload a photo of it tagging future careers on your Instagram story

Monday 8th March:
We are taking a break to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Tuesday 9th March:
Day Nine is a practical one! Making and creating art is proven way to reduce stress and promote relaxation. This makes creating art the ideal way to manage and care for yourself during mental health month. Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to try something new and give focus to a calming activity, with fun results! Why not try:
– Drawing what you can see from your bedroom window
– Recreating a famous piece of artwork in your own style
– Painting from your own imagination and make it reality

Wednesday 10th March:
Headspace takes a friendly, animated look at the benefits of meditation while offering techniques and guided meditations to jump-start your practice. If you don’t currently subscribe to Netflix, you can find some great videos on their YouTube Channel:

Thursday 11th March:
Whenever you’re feeling anxious, it’s important to take time for yourself and relax. Today’s activity is simply to just take care of yourself. Whether that be watching your favourite TV programme or doing a skincare routine, take some time for self-care. Hopefully, this can make you feel better and help take some of your troubles away.

Here are our top ideas for self-care:
1. Have a relaxing bath
2. Do a skincare routine
3. Watch an episode of your favourite TV programme
4. Do a workout or some yoga
5. Light your favourite candle
6. Read one of your favourite books

Friday 12th March
Lockdown often means we spend a lot of time indoors and especially connected to each other via the internet. There are plenty of resources out there to help us take charge of our mental health. One of these resources is talks and conferences, especially Ted Talks. Here, we have selected three talks about mental health by Hailey Hardcastle, Sangu Delle and Thomas Curran, which provide positive insights into mental health and why talking about mental health, can be the first step of many.

Here are our favourites:
Why Students Should Have Mental Health Days
There’s No Shame In Taking Care of Your Mental Health
Our Dangerous Obsession With Perfectionism is Getting Worse

Monday 15th March
We are promoting our amazing wellbeing sessions which run every Tuesday for Game Changer and Generation E members. It’s a great community of likeminded people who want to share their experiences and talk about different wellbeing tips and tricks.

Tuesday 16th March
Today we would like to share a great Cornish based charity doing fantastic work around mens mental health. Man Down is an incredible Cornwall based charity supporting any men over the age of 18. They offer a safe, non-judgemental space for men to talk about their mental health and wellbeing, or anything else that is worrying them. Check out their website for more details: mandown-cornwall.co.uk

Wednesday 17th March
Check out our Instagram where we are reposting some of our favourite wellbeing accounts.

Thursday 18th March
Looking after your physical health along with your mental health is really important for overall health and wellbeing. We can often find a clearer head when we look after our bodies too. Why not take a look at one of our favourite yoga videos, here, and give it a go!

Friday 19th March
Our top tips to beat burnout!


Monday 22nd March
So many people use music as a tool for changing a mood, brightening their day or simply to have a little boogie! Create your own uplifting Spotify playlist, filled with all your favourite tunes. We have found this is a great tool to have in your wellbeing toolbox.

Tuesday 23rd March
We are taking a short break to mark a year of lockdown in the UK.

Wednesday 24th March
Today we are taking a closer look at social media and the difference between online and reality. SO much of our self-image is being distorted by what we see online and we want to break this cycle!

Thursday 25th March
We are talking today about the link between our nutrition and the benefits food can have on our mental health.

Friday 26th March
Today we would like to support another young person who has just started a brand new podcast specifically around mental health. Why not take some time for yourself, grab a cuppa and have a listen!

Monday 29th March
We are sharing some lovely positivity cards made by the wonderful Freya! Have a look at our Instagram highlight to check them out.

Tuesday 30th March
Sometimes taking some time out for you and your wellbeing can be hard, but learning how to support your mental wellbeing now and in the future can be so empowering. Today we would like to share the Pentreath Recovery College with you. This is a great resource for you to be able to learn and educate yourself around your mental health. You never know, it might help you to help a friend in need too!

Wednesday 31st March
Wait for a surprise…