Freya was a participant on Game Changer during 2021. Prior to the programme she felt stuck and unsure in what she wanted to do. By working with her navigator, Helen, Freya was able to explore new avenues and options. When Freya left Game Changer, she went into part time employment at a shop.

In January 2022, Helen reached out to Freya for help with running artistic group sessions on programme. This started out as Freya running one session a month but gradually developed into now once a week. As of September 2022, Freya hosts a weekly Wednesday workshop with Helen in which she teaches how to use art as a tool for wellbeing through the medium of drawing, more specifically the style of Studio Ghibli.

When asked how she would describe her sessions this is what she said:

“Basically on the Wednesday sessions it’s all about making a safe and calm space for people to be able to relax, connect and create without feeling any anxiety or pressure. Everyone has a similar interest in art and giving them a chance to have conversations about it with each other in a safe space helps build their social skills while doing something they love”

However, this is not all, alongside hosting art sessions, Freya has recently left her part time job and begun selling her artwork online. Ultimately, taking massive strides in a creative, self-employed career and her confidence.

“Game changer picked me up off the ground and gave me the support I needed to explore amazing opportunities and skills I was too anxious to look at myself. I am grateful for the helping hand that has driven me to where I am now.”


Find Freya’s artwork here: