The participants all worked towards a musical production of  ‘Alice in Wonderland.” They managed to execute the show, however many young people had to complete their Arts Award during the lockdown and overcame this with enthusiasm and determination!

“It was eye-opening, informative, and a lot of fun.”
Young Adult – Achieved Bronze Arts Award

“I usually find school really challenging and don’t enjoy writing but Arts Award gave me the chance to show my work in a different way. I could draw, dance and film myself talking. I’m really pleased I did it.”
Young Adult – Achieved Bronze Arts Award.

“It was a great experience. From learning the lines, to acting, to having to drag a 3m tall metal garden arch onto the stage on the first performance with the co-carrier being missing due to backstage technical difficulties, to learning the songs and to actually sing them, I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed Alice in Wonderland (Jr), and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

“Listen and feel, back then it was real,
Face to face, in that spotlight place,
No debt no regret, those times I won’t forget,
I still have much to learn, so of course, I’ll return.”

“As I director, it was daunting to know we were going into lockdown and knowing there was initial uncertainty around how to deliver Arts Award online. However, with the support from Arts Award advisors, we are extremely pleased to say it has been more than achievable! We have been able to offer the opportunity for young people to complete their Bronze Arts Award whilst at home. This has opened many new ways to document work and to engage in activities, even during lockdown. We have now completed our training in Explore & Discover, so we can now offer a wider programme to our children in Torbay.”
Polly Ferguson-Carruthers – Doorstep Arts