The ASONE Hub is funded by the Department for Education, through Arts Council England, to support the music education of children and young people across Cornwall. They work with a consortium of partners to plan and deliver a programme of projects, performances, training, workshops plus the county level ensembles and choirs, in order to provide young people with the opportunities to be inspired, experience high quality music making and progress in the music which interests them.

Their Mission

To create aspirational and innovative opportunities for children and young people in Cornwall to enjoy a diverse and inclusive music education which is supported collaboratively across our network of partners.

Their Vision

That all children and young people in Cornwall can engage and progress with high quality, innovative and inspirational music making opportunities which are relevant to them.

Their Hub is overseen by a Strategic Advisory and Governance Board made up of key stakeholders who work with children and young people. It meets once a quarter for 2 hours, usually online, during the working day.

They are seeking new volunteers who have a passion for supporting and enabling young people to access music to join their board, whether that be as a parent, someone in music industry or a music educator. They are especially looking for people with business skills in the following areas: law, marketing, IT and fundraising (not necessarily connected with Music).

For information about the role of the Board, please refer to the Terms of Reference below.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact the Programme Director, Tanya Moore, to discuss by 28th January 2023, setting out your relevant skills and interests –