What’s our intention?

  • 360 immersive film that celebrates and reflects the programme of Green Minds activity to date
  • That focuses on urban rewilding of people and places
  • Is a co-production with community groups


Real Ideas (https://realideas.org)

  • We believe our economic model needs to change, to create a fairer world that works for
  • Climate emergency cannot be ignored, we have to stop trashing the planet and help to
  • Bringing together the skills and experiences of diverse people is essential for socially and
    economically prosperous communities.
  • Agency, choice and equitable power is vital for local communities and individuals
  • We need liveable places, that value and meet the needs of everyone

Green Minds (https://greenmindsplymouth.com)
Working in partnership Green Minds will:

  • Inspire people to connect with nature through delivering rewilding and nature-based
    projects on the ground that increase habitats and species diversity
  • Experiment with different delivery and management approaches that support community
  • stewardship and green enterprise, creating ‘green mindsets’
  • Use science and creative digital tools to make nature visible and exciting
  • Evaluate our impact and communicate what we learn in innovative and creative ways

Outline of the Project

Climate and Ecological emergencies require us all to change how we behave, in a multitude of
ways. Alongside large-scale government interventions, driven by legal constraints or financial
incentives, it is imperative that individuals and communities make multiple, positive changes.
Many of these will be small scale; walking or cycling for short distances, rather than taking the car;
eating less meat; increasing insulation in homes; planting plants that support bees and other
pollinators, rather than traditional shrubs; greening our grey neighbourhoods, rejecting single use
plastics. The list is long, and technology is already being used, for instance, smart meters to help
people measure the energy they use.

Providing information to underpin behaviour change is important, but as behaviour change theory
describes and we all know from personal experience, the catalyst to actually make changes is
complex and varied. For some it is following logic, but for others it is an emotional response, being
part of a group or developing the confidence that your, small action matters.
The Market Hall has sparked several conversations between businesses, environmental focused
enterprises, partners and communities related to how we can connect people with nature and
utilise our local infrastructure and resources to tackle real challenges and help change behaviours.
The proposed film is the culminating product of a final immersive experience that brings together
work to date and the overall experience includes:

  • 4 x 2-hour workshops delivered by Real Ideas and scheduled between September and
    November 2022. These are to take place in Green Minds rewilding locations and offered
    to community groups and Green Minds partners with the intention to inspire and
    demystify what it takes to create an immersive content for the dome. These will be
    practical introductory session using entry level 360 cameras. The ideas from these
    workshops will help inform the final brief for film production.
  • Final workshop/consultation and filmmaker introduction event at ‘The Power of
    Immersive: changing environmental behaviours’ day of the Immerse: FDUK 22 Festival on
    Tuesday 9 November 2022.
  • Showcase of film to coincide with World Earth Day, Saturday 22 April 2023


Co-produce, edit and deliver a 5-8 minute 360 film that:

  • Celebrates the Green Minds community-based work to date
  • Features a variety of local spaces so that community members can recognise the
    spaces they love, but also showcases Plymouth in a broader urban rewilding
    context, so that the film can resonate with a wider audience, beyond Plymouth
  • Collaborates with local community groups
  • Explores space and places ‘as you’ve never seen them before’ (from bug’s eye to
    macro) and considers what a nature-rich neighbourhood can look and feel like for
    communities and wildlife.
  • Highlights what nature-rich neighbourhoods look and feel like for communities
    and wildlife
  • Includes footage from a variety of seasons as well as community generated

Key Information


  • 3 – 20 October: Applications to tender open
  • 21 October: Shortlisting and final selection of filmmaker
  • Tuesday 9 November 2022: workshop/consultation event
  • November – March: community-based film co-production
  • Saturday 22 April 2023: Film showcase

Procurement and Sourcing

  • ERDF funding requirements. Match provided through
    investment from iMayflower/CDF and other sources of
    private income

Dome Specification

  • 15m immersive digital dome
  • 2 Panasonic RQ32K projectors provide a calibrated 360
    degree visual field of view for content
  • 19.1 L’Acoustics speaker array which can be profiled into an
    array of formats including 2-Channel Stereo L/R, Quad, 5.1,
    7.1, Atmos, up to 19.1 and Ambisonics
  • 4K

Selection Criteria/Partners and Developers

  • Proposal that is most likely to address the aims of the tender
  • Proposal that utilises the dome environment most effectively
  • Proposal that embraces community co-production
  • Proposal that demonstrates previous experience and the necessary skills

Budget and Investment Information

Up to £5,000 (inclusive of VAT) to include community co-production activity and delivery
of final film.

Format of Application

Please submit:

  • An outline of your approach to community film making and 360 experience to date
  • A 1-page CV or list of content you have previously created (this may include links to
    YouTube or alternative sites)

Please send your submission to gary.futcher@realideas.org by Thursday 20 October by 5pm