What is our Intention?

  • Co-produce 4 sensory immersive experiences for individuals with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Engage local communities with a focus on inclusion

Based on our Real Ideas (overarching narrative)

  • We believe our economic model needs to change, to create a fairer world that works for everyone
  • The Climate emergency cannot be ignored, we must stop trashing the planet and help to recover
  • Bringing together the skills and experiences of diverse people is essential for socially and economically prosperous communities.
  • Agency, choice and equitable power is vital for local communities and individuals
  • We need liveable places, that value and meet the needs of everyone

Outline of the Project

Inclusion is at the heart of Real Ideas. We are thrilled to host the only immersive dome of its kind in Europe, especially one featuring a flat floor and no fixed seating. This particular detail may not sound impressive on its own, however, when you consider the implications of this for individuals with additional needs, it becomes a game changer.

After successfully receiving funding from The Rank Foundation, we are looking for individuals to bring our vision to life. We are looking to create 4 separate pieces of sensory content, with varying levels of stimulation to support different groups of young people with a variety of sensory needs. Creators can apply to create 1, or all of the experiences stated below.

The experiences we want to buy are:

  1. An experience for a younger audience (0-5 years) with a range of needs – a ‘Rainbow Fruit Bowl’. The dome will become a cross-section of different fruits to show the segments of the fruits within the dome (i.e. starting with pink grapefruit, an orange, lemon, kiwi, and a grape). This should involve gentle movement and a light soundtrack with no voiceover.
    Approximately 20-30 minutes
  2. The second experience is designed to enable people working with young people with additional needs to track reactions. We’re looking for an artist to create a piece of content that focuses on beams of light or single strips of colour that slowly move around the dome. Accompanying audio will be calming with no voiceover or narrative. Slightly more muted colours would be preferable to ensure a lower-level sensory experience.
    Approximately 20-40 minutes
  3. The third experience is a real-world piece of content filmed at a beach or area of natural beauty, featuring sounds of nature as opposed to music.
    Approximately 30-40 minutes
  4. The fourth experience features flashes of colour and light with accompanying spatial sounds. The aim of this experience is a progressively more stimulating environment, starting gently, peaking in the middle, and calming down at the end of the experience.
    Approximately 20-40 minutes
  • We are working with children and young people with additional needs, their teachers and parents and would like to give them an opportunity to view the experience at a ‘rough edit’ stage, giving time for their comments and reactions to inform the final version.
  • Showcase of film and other immersive experiences to school and community groups (date to be agreed – early/mid-October).

Key Information


  • Now – Applications are open until midnight on Monday 29th
  • W/C ­­­­­29th August: Real Ideas to shortlist and select final creators
  • Mid-October: First review point for content with Real Ideas and members of local SEND Schools.
  • Late October: Final films to be submitted

Procurement and Sourcing:

  • The Rank Foundation Golden Awards

Dome Specification 

  • 15m immersive dome
  • 2 Panasonic RQ32k projectors provide a calibrated360 degree visual field of view for content
  • 1 L’Acoustics speaker array which can be profiled into an array of formats including 2-Channel Stereo L/R, Quad, 5.1, 7.1, Atmos, up to 19.1 and Ambisonics
  • 4K display

Selection Criteria

  • Proposals that are most likely to address the needs of each group
  • Proposals that utilise the dome environment most effectively
  • Proposals that are aesthetically pleasing
  • Proposals that demonstrate previous experience and the ngecessary skills

Budget and Investment Information 

£5,000 per experience, or £20,000 for all 4, inclusive of VAT

Format of Applications

  • Please submit a summary of the experience you are interested in creating, this should be no more than 1 side of A4.
  • Please attach a 1-page CV or list of content that you have previously created, this may include links to YouTube or alternative sites.

Responding to this Invitation to Tender

Please email your submission to Laura Adams, Programme Coordinator, at laura.adams@realideas.org

Tender deadline: Midnight on the 29th August 2022

For an informal conversation about this opportunity please contact Laura Adams via email – laura.adams@realideas.org