Game Changer is a £5.6 million project funded by The National Lottery Community Fund (TNLCF) and European Social Fund (ESF) which will run until February 2023 designed to support 1814 young people aged 15 to 24 who are NEET (not in employment/ education or training) or at risk of NEET across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

It will support young people to overcome the challenges, sometimes complex, they face; understand their individual aptitudes, passions and interests; develop skills and experiences; build connectivity and networks, resulting in improved confidence, removal of previous barriers, increased skills levels and ultimately them progressing into work, apprenticeships or long-term learning/ training.

The programme is delivered by working with businesses, matching their needs and aspirations with the passions and skills of young people. From experiencing potential careers via sector based work placements to challenge based learning sessions where young people can grow and express themselves openly and explore opportunities, young people on the programme will receive support tailored to their needs.

Game Changer aims to give young people the freedom to explore and view their future from a different perspective and experience a broad range of career opportunities.  Real Ideas is leading Game Changer, with a partnership of five delivery organisations, all of whom will provide the opportunity for young people to achieve a brighter future for themselves and be part of an inclusive and growing Cornish economy.

Game Changer also provides young people with a means of expanding their qualifications and building foundation skills that enable them to progress including functional skills, sector specific skills and some transferable qualifications when appropriate that provide stronger paths into progression.

The offer: Provision of pre-employment training to include functional skills
This invitation is an opportunity for training providers to deliver a meaningful programme of activity or project that enables NEET young people to achieve functional skills (Maths and English) whilst

preparing them for employment or further training.   Game Changer has resource funds that can enable providers to develop young people’s skills and qualifications, remove barriers and take their next step in progression.   This is not a replacement for mainstream funding for functional skills. Young people who have no prior Level 2 qualification are entitled to funded support from SFA to achieve Functional Skills qualifications under mainstream provision. This funding must not replace this. The expectation is that the applicant would access the relevant/appropriate mainstream funding where available or be able to demonstrate how this is added value or innovation.

Game Changer is looking to commission suitable providers who can support young people to develop skills and employability either towards particular careers or broader skills to assist with their futures with the inclusion of the achievement of basic skills. We are looking for engaging provision that meets the needs of young people who are NEET enabling them to achieve. We expect to see young people gain confidence, wider skills and also secure their next steps due to this provision.

This provision should be available to young people who are NEET and have not yet secured their Maths/ English to L2. We would welcome applications that might focus on specific groups who have been disadvantaged/ have lower achievement rates of basic skills/ employment outcomes.


All participants to be participating in basic skills development

75% successfully complete provision (participation)

60% successfully gain basic skills accreditation or eligible other *

50% achieve a positive progression into employment, further education or learning.

*The aim of the provision is for participants to obtain an accredited qualification in Math and/or English up to Level 2 or evidence to show an improvement of current skills. Qualifications can be in units rather than full qualifications, tracking improvement in basic skills must demonstrate quality assessment and learning has taken place and rationale as to why qualifications are not suitable.

The Pre-Employment and Functional Skills contract must be completed by 29th May 2022 There may be an opportunity for extension/repeat of contract to end of the programme in February 2023.

Full Tender