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Are you feeling lost and unsure about what you want to do as a career? Don’t worry! There are plenty of other people your age who feel the same way. Finding a job you enjoy can be daunting, especially when you’re not sure what you want to be paid for.

Introducing the Real Ideas Interactive Ikigai. This resource will help you to narrow down what you enjoy and how you could be paid for it. It’s a simple, quick interactive quiz, which you can download and use to support your job search. And if the quiz doesn’t give you the answers you’d hoped for, you can contact one of our helpful team to offer further support. Want to find out more about how the Ikigai can help? Click get started below!

Who are Real Ideas?

You might be on this page looking for career inspiration thinking, “Who are Real Ideas and how can they help me?” Well, we are a social enterprise based in Plymouth and Cornwall, offering all kinds of activity and support across art and making, immersive technology, and nature and local communities.

We have lots of people working at our buildings across Plymouth and Cornwall to run exciting projects, which you can be involved in. Below you’ll see three examples of young people working across three very different sectors.

Working in Nature and the Community

“It doesn’t matter what career you do, as long as you want to do it…”

Meet Nick, a Coastal Ranger for the National Marine Park. After volunteering and studying in areas he is interested in, he’s now working with the community in Plymouth to create greener spaces.

There are many jobs in the Green sector, working with nature and the community, such as plant and animal conservation, and working with neighbourhoods to create better spaces. Unsure whether this career path is for you? Try our Ikigai quiz to see if you’d enjoy it!

Working in Digital and Immersive Technology

“I think it all started when I knew I wanted to make stories…”

Meet Leah, a Games Designer for a company based in Edinburgh. She works remotely from home, using her love of story telling and skills in design to make video games.

There are many jobs in the digital sector, working with a variety of new technology, including exciting new immersive tech. From games designing, to videography, to coding and web development, the range of careers in digital and immersive technology is huge and still growing! Is this the sector for you? Take our Ikigai quiz to find out.

Working in Arts, Culture and Making

“Being able to see people really connect with my designs, that gives me a huge sense of pride”

Meet Nina, an independent clothes designer working for herself. When lockdown disrupted her plans to study, she set off on a journey of her own, building skills in clothes design, and growing her network to support her setting up her own business.

There are great opportunities to be successful as a freelance or self employed person in all sectors. In Arts, Culture and Making, there are jobs working for arts organisations or companies, as well as opportunities to work for yourself, doing what you love. Find out if this is for you in our Ikigai quiz!