Start Something Creative Support Session 3

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Business & Professional Mon, 23rd Jan 2023, 5:30pm
Session III:
Promotion – who are your customers & beneficiaries and how will you access them?

The group activity that forms part of the Start Something Creative will be delivered as a series of 8 online sessions. The sessions will cover a wide range of business basics and by being held as tutorial style conversations, they will encourage critical thinking and further research.

They will follow the four quadrants of the business canvas which will need to be shared with participants before or during the first session.

Please aim to join all meetings 5 minutes early to allow for set up and technical troubleshooting.

All sessions are free of charge to Start Something Creative participants.

If you have any difficulty booking on to one of the sessions, please contact your Start Something Creative point of contact or alternatively email specifying that you are part of the Start Something Creative programme.

Session III:

Promotion – who are your customers & beneficiaries and how will you access them?

Review of the provocation.

Discuss the reason for including it. Is it important or not? Why?

Customer profile.

What makes your perfect customer?

Why is this important?

What can we learn?

Where are they?

How we find them?

What do we want them to think of us?

Map the characteristics – give them a name.

Look at the Brand Wheel. Discuss the various parts and how they link the idea of your business to the customers and beneficiaries you hope to serve.

Consider what sort of language you should be using. Get them to describe it for others.


What are your numbers? What do you know already and what do you need to learn?

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