Skills session - How to retain your wise women - Menopause in the workplace

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Career Wed, 18th Jan 2023, 10:00am
Skills session – Virtual event – How to retain your wise women – Menopause in the workplace

Over 75% of women experiencing menopause are employed, so it’s important for their employers to understand the process and know how to support them.

In this session, transformational life coach Alison Theaker and expert on women’s hormonal health Anne Hope will:

  • clarify the menopause transition
  • provide some practical advice for individuals and businesses to ameliorate the main symptoms, and
  • give pointers to further resources

This session will be a great forum for anyone who is dealing with the effects of menopause in the workplace. It happens to 51% of the workforce, but it can affect everyone.

Alison Theaker

A qualified transformative Life Coach with experience in higher education, business coaching and creativity development. She has delivered training across the UK in interpersonal skills and business transformation. A public relations practitioner, academic and author with an international reputation, she has also developed a unique style of coaching, Walk the Talk, which increases creativity. A qualified action learning facilitator, NLP coaching practitioner and reiki master.

Anne Hope

An expert therapist, teacher and counsellor who specialises in women’s health and hormonal changes. She has run a clinic for 15 years in London specialising in fertility and women’s hormonal problems, she has published two books one on fertility the other on the powerful and far reaching emotional & physical changes that happen at menopause. A qualified homeopath, counsellor, teacher, yoga instructor and hypnotherapist she incorporates a variety of therapies into her work. She has also worked with women in extreme circumstances at a women’s refuge and drug rehabilitation programmes.

This event is part of the Employ Theme of the Plymouth Covid Recovery Plan and is funded by Interreg as part of the COVID – Channel Area Response Exchange (C-Care).

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