Sensory Immersive Dome Experience for SEN Groups and Early Years

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Visit the Dome at the Market Hall to experience awe-inspiring immersive content selected by you to suit your school curriculum needs.

This sensory immersive dome experience is especially for SEN groups of any age and Early Years settings.

Immerse your group in sounds and visions for the senses. Choose from a playlist of films made especially for sensory needs, including four screenings made in collaboration with Can Bridge and Woodlands School.

This one-hour screening enables you to choose up to 45 minutes of content from our Sensory Playlist.

Max: 70 people

Minimum: 15 children

£4.50 per pupil

Accompanying adults: free

Please note:

The dome is awesome but occasionally some shows make people feel a little dizzy

Shows may contain flashing lights

Please note that this booking is for SEN schools and Early Years settings to do a class/group booking, not for general public sale. If you have any questions, please email Keep an eye on our What’s On page for sensory screenings for the public coming up.

Current Sensory Playlist:

Into the Fruit Bowl

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be inside a lemon? This fun show follows a sequence as it introduces four fruits to the dome, looking at their shape and texture, until they open up and you’re immersed inside! This is a great sensory activity and can be paired with bringing real fruit with you on your trip to match feel and smell with sight and sound.

Running Time: 20 minutes

Astronaut George

Astronaut George is a perfect introduction to the planets in our Solar System for pre-school kids. During this full dome show George investigates the best planet to live on and the dangers lurking on the surface of other planets in our Solar System. But will he find any alien friends to play with?

Running time: 10 minutes

Colour your Senses

This show of light bursts is perfect for relaxing. Paired with gentle music the bursts of colour pulse onto the screen, surrounding you in gentle fireworks, without the loud bang.

Running Time: 26 minutes

Rainbow Aurora

Picture multicoloured bands of light, giving a similar feeling to viewing the Northern Lights. This mesmerising show has swirly rainbows to colour surrounding you all over the dome.

Running Time: 23 minutes

Resonance Boreales (The Northern Lights)

Join us to experience the Northern Lights! Enjoy a breath-taking 360-degree view of the Northern Lights as you travel straight into the heart of the boreal forest.

Running Time: 14 minutes

Follow The Water

This gentle film follows a group as they paddleboard and kayak along rivers until they reach the sea. A fantastic way to experience gliding along the water in 360.

Running Time: 40 minutes

Additional Information

Arrival and admission
Please make sure you have your ticket to hand ready for check-in. We cannot guarantee entry into the event for late arrivals.

This ticket gives you entry to the experience named on your ticket.