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Visit Market Hall for a truly immersive experience. Explore new worlds in our state-of-the-art dome – the only one of its kind in Europe!

Experience a range of immersive content in our brand-new show ‘Dome Shorts’.

Journey through an urban landscape in ‘Labryinth’, attend a CGI DJ set in ‘Witching Sticks’, and travel to outer space on the Apollo Mission in ‘CAPCOM GO!’, all from the comfort of your beanbag!

Then, watch a love story unfold through the visualisation of neural activity in ‘LoVR’, and follow a heart-wrenching depiction of dementia in ‘Grandma’s House’.

Total running time: 43 minutes

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Market Hall for a fantastic immersive experience! However, we do understand that plans change, so please check our cancellation policy on our website for more information on refunds and exchanges.


A labyrinth is a space urging a person to constant movement. When viewed from above, we have an objectively distinguishable idea of a line, a pattern or an ornament. In a labyrinth, we fall under the visual impact of a particular configuration of space, which it is impossible to get out of, being stuck in the disorientation affect.

We switch to a subjective perception of life. As we move continuously, the perception of the labyrinth space changes every second. Squares, streets, passages, corridors, rooms form a dynamic structure of the urban labyrinth, while going through which we are influenced by numerous constantly changing images. The film represents an attempt to combine the architectural fantasy of a labyrinth and the visual experience of walking through over time.

Running Time: 17 Minutes

Witching Sticks

Witching Sticks is an animated immersive music video depicting a character performing the song in an empty space. As the song develops, the camera swoops around the performance, dive-bombing synthesizers, and brushing past the face of the character as he sings the lyrics.

Running Time: 5 Minutes


On July 20th 1969, 600 million people around the world gathered to witness a historic moment of human achievement broadcast live from the Moon.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – Neil Armstrong.

The world celebrated as the astronauts took their first steps on the Moon. But few people were aware of just how huge an effort it had taken to get them there.

These Apollo 11 astronauts were just 2 of nearly 400,000 people who had worked over ten years towards this goal. But how did they do it? What did it take to put humans on the Moon?

Running Time: 10 minutes


More than 100000 chemical reactions happen in your brain every second. So what about the moment you saw the girl of your dreams, and she saw you? If we could capture those few seconds what would the data look like?

LoVR is a document of this moment. A story of love, told through neural activity captured over 4 seconds.

As chemicals are released and areas of the brain activated, a form of poetry is revealed within the data. The heart beats, the iris dilates and time stands still as two lovers see each other for the first time.

Running Time: 5 minutes

Grandma’s House

A story of memory and dementia. Recalled memories of time spent at grandma’s house become ever more confused, as the film spirals into the depths of dementia. The memories become muddled and confused as the film progresses, matched with the ever-increasing strangeness of the animated scenes depicting the memories.

Running Time: 5 minutes

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