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Tina Varcoe Consultant

Tina is a Consultant working in schools with students who need a bit of support to move forward into something that inspires them.  As an artist and workshop leader herself, she is also involved in some of Real Ideas’ creative projects and in supporting our online creative offer.

Tina spent a decade of her youth living as a ‘New Age Traveller’ and then restarted her education from scratch to become a college lecturer and later to work with people with mental health issues and young people who had been removed from mainstream schooling. She also runs a Community Interest Company with the purpose of lifting up her local town through street art. Tina has been motivated all through this journey by a desire to support people who feel they don’t fit into the ‘system’ to find a way to harness their unique perspectives in ways that make their lives positive and productive.

Tina values working for Real Ideas because she shares the organisation’s ethos of nurturing community, experimentation, creativity and lifelong learning.

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