Meet the team

Holly Goldsworthy Insight, Quality, Impact & Claims Administrator - Pathways

Holly joined Real Ideas in September 2020 as an Educating Differently Programme Coordinator working with schools to support young people in their future careers. She’s now an Insight, Quality, Impact & Claims Administrator in the Pathways business unit helping us to understand, communicate, report on, and maximise the difference we are making for the people we work with.

Holly studied Primary Education at Marjon University in Plymouth and has A Levels in Music Performance and Drama. Before attending university, she worked in retail, hospitality and volunteered in schools. She gained two years teaching experience before joining Real Ideas and is excited to be making a positive difference in young people’s lives.

In her spare time Holly loves spending time on the beach, playing music and sharing ways to protect the environment.

“The arts have been a passion of mine since my own Primary Education and I love being able to share that passion to create opportunities for young people.”