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Dave Gyll-Murray Programme Coordinator

Dave is a programme coordinator currently working looking to help young people. After taking on some work within Falmouth University’s Student’s Union, Dave has come back home to Real Ideas!

With previous experience working in Real Ideas’ Game Changer project as a Consultant for Progression, Dave has years of experience in project management, employability, support work and helping young people fulfil their potential, challenging their own pre-conceptions and building solid relationships with external partners and stakeholders that enable young people to engage in employment sectors and activities that were previously thought to be out of reach.

With a background in the music industry as a performer, tour manager and booking agent, Dave is also a touring musician (when Covid allows him to be!) and runs a small punk rock label on the side.

This encouraged him to create a compilation CD release project in 2019 in his role with Game Changer and Real Ideas, entitled ‘Galigantus’, in which young people took part in recording sessions, film shoots, editing and mixing sessions, and saw the music digitally distributed worldwide while working directly with local musicians and artists. Get in touch for a copy!

Socially conscious and passionate about creating positive change, Dave has also collectively raised over £2,000 in 2020 for various charitable causes through his label and music