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Talking Opposite Grounds with Jodie Ronaldson

By 26th July 2017 No Comments
Jodie Ronaldson

On the 7th of July in The Cells at Devonport Guildhall the private viewing of Talent Matches Jodie Ronaldson’s first ever photography exhibition ‘Opposite Grounds’ was held.

With photography and abstract paintings inspired by everything around her, we here at RIO wanted to celebrate Jodie’s ambitious achievement. Amongst the paint splashed chaos I caught up with Jodie to ask her a few questions and get a full understanding of the challenges she faced as an emerging young artist.

How do you feel about having your first exhibition? What were your emotions on the run up to the launch night?

Having my first exhibition… who’d have thought that would happen? It’s honestly such a great opportunity I jumped straight into it not realising how much there was to do. I don’t think the pressure really set in until around about a month before opening night. Maybe because I still have pieces of work that hadn’t been started let alone finished.

What are your aspirations and goals for moving forward in the future, where do you see yourself?

I’ve been asked what plans I have for my next exhibition but I haven’t really thought about it. It’ll be something creative still – maybe exploring what I can do with the use of my blog, and grab the opportunities when I can.

What were your inspirations behind the photos?

Everything inspires me. The people around me, the environment I’m in or even everyday things like a pair of shoes. I like to remember a quote which reads – ‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see’ – Edgar Degas (artist)

Did you face any challenges or obstacles when planning your exhibition? If so, what were they?

Time management was a big obstacle for me, the work/life balance as we call it, it challenged me to properly organise my time and stick to it! Which for me, I can never do…

Has it given you the confidence to take on bigger events in the future?

I’d say I’m more willing to do so, but I suppose it depends on how big ‘big’ means. I mean it’ll depend on what comes from this exhibition really.

Were there any complications you faced or any particular learning curves during the process of holding an exhibition?

If I didn’t have the people around me to help like I did, I think I’d still be finishing the paintings. It’s so much hard work, especially setting up an exhibition that displays just your work. If I were to do it again there are changes that I would make, but for my debut, I think I’ve done alright!

You can still see Jodie’s ‘Opposite Grounds’ exhibition for yourself at The Cells in Devonport Guildhall, or follow Jodie’s creative journey by checking out  her blog here. Please feel free to tweet and share to showcase Jodie’s talents!

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