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Make your Mark with Our Way Art!

By 8th May 2015 No Comments

Our Way Art has become known as an innovative and pioneering social enterprise, designed and developed by young people from Plymstock School, since they redefined their school Art Show and increased engagement and participation by a staggering 400%!

They are passionate about Art: making it, promoting it, experiencing it, and sharing it. Their purpose was born from their passion for culture, the arts and the talent that they see in their community.

Our Way Art is a concept that reaches local communities, while striving to involve and engage non-traditional arts audiences. Using Plymstock School as a platform enables Our Way Art to speak a language that cuts across cultural, educational and economic barriers. It’s a safe place to enhance cultural appreciation and awareness of the things that really matter – ‘art can be anything, anything can be art and everyone is an artist’.

The Real Ideas Organisation has been working with Our Way Art for over a year to help them develop their enterprise: its purpose, ideas for activity and seeking opportunities to take on real projects and commissions. One such idea is the ‘Roaming Pin Board’. This is essentially an ‘art wall’ dedicated to the work of the community. The Pin Board provides an opportunity for self-expression, giving all members of the community an opportunity to create their version of what art and creativity looks like to them.

Thanks to a grant from Vital Sparks which provides funds to community groups for creative projects and events, Our Way Art has turned this idea into reality.

The Pin Board gives people the freedom to create their own artwork and be part of a wider piece of art in a fun, creative and safe environment.

Events will take place in Plymstock, Plymouth City Centre and Devonport. Our Way Art aims to create a radical shift in the feel and energy surrounding art in the city. They plan to do this by raising the awareness of art, increasing engagement and raising the participation of people doing art. They want to ignite a new found sense of art, its connection with community and its ability to be so much more than just a picture on paper. Our Way Art and their Pin Board is a project that works collaboratively with primary and secondary schools, social enterprises, universities and communities to make meaningful art that everyone can enjoy.

Their purpose is to support, encourage and build confidence, whilst at the same time creating opportunities for everyone.

The first event was a special ‘preview’ at Elburton Primary School which took place on 7th May and pupils were asked to ‘make their mark’. The next will be at Radiant at Rumpus Cosy in Plymouth City Centre on Saturday 9th May and then at Devonport Live on 13th June, between 12-4pm and will be open to the public – so come along and join in! Follow @ourwayart or Like their Facebook page to keep updated on these inspiring young people.

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