We support young people to develop the skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing world

Working with people to help them be more creative, innovative entrepreneurs is a huge part of what we do. Working with young people to ensure they can overcome their unique, personal barriers and find a future that excites and works for them is another.

Since RIO was created in 2007, we have worked in a variety of ways with young people, and will continue to do so now and into the future. Through our Talent Match project alone, which ran from 2013-18, we worked with 630 18-24-year olds. This year, we’ve helped create 95 placements, work experience opportunities and internships for young people in need, and given 661 young people direct support to enable them to gain formal and nationally-recognised qualifications. We’ve also worked directly with 415 schools this year, supporting them with in-depth creative and social enterprise expertise, allowing them to generate more social and educational impact.

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch at info@realideas.org.


What We’ve Done So Far

We have a great track record of working with young people who want to make a difference, think creatively and have their voices heard.

We have worked with over 500 schools delivering extra curriculum place-based learning projects that have enabled their young people to think differently, explore their interests, aptitudes and passions, and start their own projects and ventures. This has resulted in exciting and sustainable projects such as Our Way, A Driven Force and MAP.

RIO also developed the social enterprise programme in Plymouth in partnership with the British Council, the Social Enterprise in Schools pack; and the Social Enterprise Qualification; supporting schools around the world to enable children and young people to start their own creative social enterprises.


What’s Happening Now

We continue to work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them overcome barriers and carve their own path in the world through entrepreneurial ventures and exciting projects.

Generation E supports young people to have a voice, belong and make a meaningful difference. Cultivator connects them with the creative industries as innovators and potential employees. Bridge Academy is all about transition and the Real Skills Wheel does what it says, identifying 21st century skills.

This approach has changed many lives. For instance, a young artist who we supported with our Talent Match programme, who was commissioned by Snoop Dogg; a young woman in west Cornwall with Austism, who’s now launching an illustration book and is receiving start up funding from Healeys farm, and Billy, who’s story of overcoming agoraphobia and a lack of motivation made national headlines in the news last year.


What’s Happening Next

RIO presents Rebel Futures; a playlist for 21st century futures. Designed for and with 15-19-year olds, Rebel Futures supports 14-24-year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds to build their own route map for a world of rapidly expanding opportunity in Plymouth and beyond. Connected to the development of Devonport Market Hall and the huge investment in creative and digital in the city, the playlist will include a yearlong intensive training programme supporting young people to design and deliver:

  • an event programme with no name, whose content and location are communicated through visual symbols. A series of site-specific immersive entertainment pop-ups combining immersive tech, physical activity, music, fashion and gaming. Small scale but with a massive reach.
  • a channel documenting the events and telling the story of Rebel Futures to an ever-growing audience.
  • opportunity hacks and social mixers for the digital, tech, entertainment and creative industries that connect YP who want to make things happen with the people in the industry who can make them happen
  • evening and weekend learning sessions for immersive tech, digital content creation and entrepreneurship – accessible to all 15-19-year-olds on a pay as you feel basis.

Young people graduate from Rebel Futures with 4 RIO practitioner digital badges, covering; digital entrepreneurship; content creation; tech learning delivery and immersive event management, as well as a guaranteed part-time job with RIO or a Plymouth-based creative organisation. 50% of Rebel Futures places are fully funded and offered to young people from areas of social and economic disadvantage.

Case Studies

Marine Academy Plymouth

Marine Academy Plymouth

28th March 2017

A Driven Force

A Driven Force

8th October 2016

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