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Summer Mix, a Plymouth Youth Service initiative, returns for 2014

By 8th August 2014 No Comments

Summer Mix, Plymouth Youth Service’s initiative to get local young people aged 11-19 active in extra-curricular activities this summer, was another huge success this year, with all courses at Devonport Guildhall fully booked. RIO are commissioned to run Summer Mix by the Youth Service Initiative.

This year, young people took part in cookery-based courses including ‘Sweet Treats and Desserts’, ‘Wild Food Foraging’, ‘From Allotment to Plate’, ‘From the Ocean’, as well as work-based course ‘Access to Architecture’. Plymouth chef Jacques Marchal taught the young people how to create blackberry cheesecake in ‘Sweet Treats’, and helped them to gut a squid in ‘From the Ocean’! The young people came away with some fish curry and salmon fishcakes that they had made themselves.

The programme had outside support from Devonport-based Police Officer Al May, who stopped to meet the young people during ‘From Allotment to Plate’, and even assist Jaques Marchal in some vegetable chopping and cooking!

In ‘Wild Food Foraging’, Tess Wilmot from Dig for Devonport showed the young participants how to forage for local food growing in Devonport, and they used some of their collected produce to make their own blackberry vinegar!

Summer Mix gives young people the chance to explore something different over the summer holidays, letting them try new fun activities together with other young people, but also giving them experiences that might help them as they think about future career opportunities. ‘Access to Architecture’ was part of the ‘World of Work’ aspect of Summer Mix and young people got to climb Devonport Column, a stunning historic example of architecture which provided the platform for them to learn more (and appreciate the great views from the top!).

One parent, whose child took part in ‘Access to Architecture, said, “Thank you very much for holding this access course as it has confirmed that this is definitely the direction my son would like to follow. He thoroughly enjoyed today.”

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