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Case Studies

St James School – Studio James

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Using social enterprise to maintain an ‘Outstanding’ reputation



St James School, Exeter


September 2013 – ongoing

The challenge:

Create a social enterprise business that generates income for the school’s Real Rewards Programme and help design and develop the offer to their learners

The RIO solution: A Challenge Day introduced a group of 15 Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students to the initial ‘challenge’, and the children used their skills, expertise and resources, with a little RIO magic, to solve it! We unpicked the challenge and it was clear that the group’s aspirations weren’t limited to a ‘short term fix’, but veered towards creating ‘something’ that lasted, a legacy that they could be proud of and something that acted as an arm reaching out to not just their peers, but to their community too.

The group were keen to bring friendship groups together, and to share the concept that making memories was fun. They liked the idea of having souvenirs, which could be looked back on in years to come, not just electronically stored, but tangible! The groups were also extremely proud of the talent within St James, the musical talent in particular. This led to the creation of ST.udio James…’The Booth’!

This would be a portable photo-booth for the use of students in school, but one that could also be taken to corporate reception areas and staff rooms, primary schools, weddings, christenings, proms, birthdays and even Exeter city centre itself! Images could be purchased as postcards and other merchandise. Old school – meets new school – not only in school!

The group will need to generate income in the first phase of their project which will enable them to buy a Polaroid camera. The next phase will then be to take images and sell them with profits going towards the making of the booth!

  • 15 students from Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 participated in the RIO Challenge Day
  • The solution aimed to involve not just the school, but the local community too
  • Facebook , Twitter and website established, brand created and logo designed
  • 2 platforms for whole school interaction with community involved
  • The next stage of the challenge is to generate enough income through selling photos – “memories” and buy the photo booth!

Beann, Year 9

“I found it really interesting. We began with no ideas and now we have a variety of great ideas! I have learnt so much in just one day, including how business works and what social enterprise is.” Beann, Year 9

Mr Stephen-Lee Farmer, Assistant Headteacher at St James School

“In my opinion, it couldn’t have gone any better! The information supplied by Elinor was used to inform tutors of the day. I am so excited about how the project will progress, and how many memories we will manufacture.”

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