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South West creative innovators tell the story of Derry-Londonderry Temple

By 22nd April 2015 No Comments

Built around an ethos of creative innovation, southwest company The Media Workshop develop the creative potential in new technology to tell stories, capture imagination and craft unique experiences, their latest project has been working on the Londonderry Temple.

Across Northern Ireland, there exists an extreme tradition of bonfire burning. On the other side of the Atlantic, in the heart of the Nevada desert, fire is the centre of a festival that celebrates the spirit of community, art and freedom of expression.

Planned by creative company Artichoke, Temple brought together the artist at the heart of the USA’s Burning Man Festival, David Best, and the people of Derry-Londonderry, in a radical arts project that turned the idea of bonfire burning on its head.

Over a hundred volunteers joined the Californian Temple Crew, to build a 72ft high structure that towered over the city, uniting everyone in a huge collaborative effort, in the creation of a temporary shared space. Up to 15,000 people watched as the wooden structure burst into flame and cheered as the spire collapsed twenty minutes later.

The Media Workshop were commissioned by Artichoke to film and produce a series of videos documenting this moving and captivating art work, you can see the stunning footage and more information on the links below.


Temple Derry Londonderry website

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