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Service Commissioning Brief

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Seeking a vibrant and entrepreneurial individual to work alongside members of the Talent Match team for a [limited amount of time] to provide extra capacity at a crucial time for the project and deliver an important piece of work.

Talent Match is in its final year and building its legacy plan. Part of the legacy the project would like to leave behind is a sustainable organisation/ delivery mechanism that turns the lessons and learnings from the last five years into value for other organisations and young people.

We would like to commission someone to support us in developing a viable business plan (based on a model described using the RIO Business Canvas – see below) for this legacy to thrive.


Talent Match Cornwall

Talent Match Cornwall is a 5-year Big Lottery funded project that supports 18-24yr olds who are furthest from the job market to find their feet and move towards the world of work. We are one of 21 Talent Match projects currently running across the England as part of a £108 million investment to tackle youth unemployment by BIG Lottery.

Talent Match ends at the end of 2018 and has been recognised for the authenticity with which it embeds codesign, co delivery and co governance in its approach to service design and delivery.

Talent Match members who have co designed, co delivered and co governed the project have a unique perspective on what it takes to make co creation really work. The ambition is that the insights, learnings, perspectives of Talent Match/Generation E members can be harnessed to deliver value for other projects, organisations and young people through an organisation set-up as part of Talent Match’s legacy.

What is Generation E?

Generation E is the group of young people at the heart of Talent Match Cornwall that have helped to design, develop and maintain the project. Generation E members have been part of Talent Match’s recruitment and contracting processes. They have contributed to the strategic direction of the project. They have delivered discrete projects and advocated on the behalf of young people. They have been an integral part of the development of Talent Match developing valuable skills on the way

What do we want?

To develop a legacy organisation/ delivery mechanism with a flexible part-funded business model (mixing funding and earned income) that puts engagement with young people on Generation E at its core. The legacy organisation/ mechanism will allow Generation E to develop responses to service design and commissions around co production, particularly work that increases young people’s level of influence and delivers genuine social impact.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who can demonstrate the following knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes:


We want someone who knows how to do…


We want someone who is good at…

·         business modelling/planning

·         market research

·         developing compelling value propositions

·         identify and establish relationships with key partners

·         use software packages


·         building effective working relationships with people to effectively co create great outcomes

·         working collaboratively

·         working efficiently and effectively

·         able to self-manage effectively and deliver work on-time and to budget

·         spotting opportunities to bring new products and services to market



We want someone who has experience…


We want someone who is…

·         working with young people and a genuine interest in working with Generation E members

·         creating and running businesses

·         business planning and shaping effective business models

·         collaborating to achieve something bigger

·         lifting others to be more





·         open to challenge and be challenged

·         willing to learn, share and inspire

·         flexible, adaptable and brave

·         entrepreneurial

·         creative

·         collaborative, open and honest

·         adaptable

·         results orientated

·         excited by applying their experience in new contexts

·         genuinely interested in working with Generation E


Key relationships:

  • Head of Employability and Pathways
  • Generation E Facilitator
  • Generation E members
  • Contract Manager
  • Selected RIO Consultants


  • An achievable business plan to guide the development of a sustainable Generation E legacy initiative
  • A personal development framework to support Generation E members to be able to develop their skills and competencies ready to deliver products and services
  • Stakeholder engagement in the business plan and commitment to making it a success
  • Generation E members feel ownership, are confident and are are willing to take the project forward
  • A clear understanding of the model’s products and services and who potential clients/customers might be


  • A viable business plan based on a model described using the RIO Business Canvas. The business plan must provide clarity around:
    • The Value Proposition
    • Social Impact
    • Partners
    • Resources and tools
    • Cost and revenue
    • Channels to market
    • Customer segments
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Revenue Generation
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Implementation plan
      • Developing capacity in Generation E
      • Identifying and managing risk
      • Start-up action plan (leading up to launch by September 2018)

Contract Value:

  • £10,000 in total

Contract Duration:

  • 50 days working 9-5 p.m.
  • 3 days a week of which 2 days will be spent working alongside the Generation E Facilitator and one working flexibly


  • Mileage will be paid at £0.30 per mile
  • Maximum monthly expenses of £120 in any one calendar month

Work location:

  • They will work for three days a week on Talent Match.
  • Two days to be spent working in the same space as the Generation E facilitator.
  • One of the three days will be flexible, on this day working from home will be an option.


  • DBS Check
  • ‘Business use’ included on vehicle insurance

Format of expressions of interest:

Limit your expressions of interest to two sides of A4 and explain why you are right to work with us on this piece of work and what your approach would be.

Closing date for expressions of interest:

Friday 20th April 2018

Submit your expressions of interest by email to:


Expected contract start date:

Tuesday May 1st, 2018

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