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RIO’s Social Enterprise Qualification Crosses Continents

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RIO's Social Enterprise Qualification Crosses Continents

The Social Enterprise Qualification, developed in the south west, is forging an international reputation as the top school in Uganda will now be delivering it as part of their curriculum.

Teaching staff from Wampeewo Ntakke School were trained as SEQ mentors on a recent visit to Westlands School, Torquay and will now take their skills and knowledge back to Uganda to deliver the qualification across their school.

RIO's Social Enterprise Qualification Crosses Continents

The visit to Torquay was part of an ongoing relationship between Westlands School and Wampeewo Ntakke who will support each other in a range of ways including delivering the SEQ.

As part of their Social Enterprise Qualification Ugandan students will design and produce Ugandan-inspired jewellery, which students from Westlands School will help market and promote. Their unique business idea will build strong and ongoing links between the two schools, and enhance the business outcomes of both.

The students will learn about each other’s cultures by sharing information on the social and environmental issues they are tackling through the SEQ. As well as learning business skills by co-creating a social enterprise that spans Uganda and the UK, the students will also benefit from the cultural exchange element of the programme.

The SEQ was designed by the Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) in partnership with SFEDI Awards and was piloted in 2011 in the UK, Uganda and China, before its public launch at the House of Commons in February 2012. To date, 330 mentors are trained to deliver the qualification and 440 learners have registered to embark on the qualification.

Martin Muyingo, Head Teacher at Wampeewo Ntakke School in Uganda, says,

“We’ve been absolutely blown away by the SEQ. We are proud to be one of the first schools to pilot this programme in Uganda and we want to market the qualification to all schools in Uganda by the year 2020.”

“This will go a long way in strengthening our partnership with Westlands School. RIO is doing a great job by inspiring the students to get ready for this fragile world.”

Hamish Higginson, Leader of Public Services at Westlands School in the UK is also excited about the possibilities the SEQ will bring.

“The SEQ will greatly enhance the outcomes for students within both partner schools, allowing the students to learn about successful models of social enterprise, gain the skills required to establish and maintain a social enterprise, and validate their learning through a recognised qualification.”

The Ugandan teachers have been very enthusiastic about the qualification, and plans are in place to extend this to the entire country, after a proposal was put forward to the Ugandan Education Minister to promote the SEQ to all schools.

The SEQ is the first qualification of its kind, and learners achieving the qualification will be able to demonstrate skills in ethical business, balancing people, planet and profit for maximum social and environmental impact. It has already been embraced by many schools across the country and abroad, but prisons, football clubs and youth centres are also delivering the inspiring qualification.

Thursday 7th November 2013

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