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RIO’s response to the referendum result

By 24th June 2016 No Comments

CEO of RIO Lindsey Hall has spoken out regarding the result of the EU referendum. Please read our response as RIO below.

“We respect the democratic process and whilst this isn’t the result we had hoped for, what is important now is that everyone, especially our elected MPs, steps back from conflict and finds ways to heal the deep divisions that have been revealed, through conversation, collaboration and generosity of spirit.

“Our support for ‘Remain’ was never about our own interests as a business; we’re not reliant on public money or EU funding. Rather it was about the communities we support, the diverse young people we work with and what we believe is in the greater interest.

“We don’t just make change at the ballot box, we make change in our communities and on our doorsteps. RIO will continue to work and collaborate with people who want to build a brighter future for our young people, in this country and beyond.”

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