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RIO partners with British Council and Social Enterprise Academy to create a social enterprise for schools resource pack

By 26th January 2016 No Comments

The Real Ideas Organisation has partnered with the British Council and the Social Enterprise Academy to put together a social enterprise in education pack for schools. This pack is available to download for free from the British Council website, under the classroom resources.

This resource pack, aimed at children aged 4-11, provides ideas for discussion, activities and a framework to help schools use social entrepreneurship as an engaging project.

It is designed to encourage students to develop an awareness and understanding of how business can help to address social problems as well as gain practical experience in planning and setting up their own social enterprise.

From projects on social responsibility, the impact social enterprises can make, and successful entrepreneurship, the pack allows students to increase their knowledge of social innovation whilst also develop core skills for learning, life, and work. It will also enable students to develop personal skills and attributes such as teamwork, confidence, and innovation.

You can download the pack here.

The resource pack features concrete examples of social enterprise in schools in action, and RIO has been able to support many of the school-based social enterprises. The pack includes a case study on Victoria Park Academy’s Ballot Street Spice, which RIO supported to celebrate their community’s cultural differences through the ceation of spice. Devonport High School for Boys linked with Zhejiang Sci-Tech Engineering School in China to create Lu Ban Lock, a traditional Chinese puzzle, to address the social issue of young people becoming too attached to computer games, which were potentially detrimental to their learning. They used the Social Enterprise Qualification, developed by RIO in partnership with SFEDI Awards, to address and resolve the issue that their schools faced.

You can read about the partnership here.

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