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RIO backs ‘Remain’ campaign

By 17th June 2016 No Comments

RIO is a creative social enterprise, supporting people – especially young people – to build better futures. Now more than ever we believe Britain is better off as part of the EU, which is why we are supporting the ‘Remain’ campaign. Here’s why.

We want MORE diversity and collaboration, not less

Our values are those of inclusion, openness and collaboration. We stand for equality and we truly value diversity. In everything that we do, we are focused on creating a tomorrow that is better than today.

We are a creative organisation. It’s well documented that diversity and collaboration are crucial to the sustainability and growth of organisations like us but also the communities, regions and nations we love, so we feel leaving Europe would seriously undermine our collective ability to create thriving communities.

We believe futures are brighter as part of the EU

We work with thousands of young people every year. This referendum is about them and future generations of young people in Britain. Young people tell us they want to feel connected to Europe and the wider world and we believe they will have better, brighter, more successful futures with Britain as part of the EU.

We want to see social value not just economic gain

Our vision is for a world that properly balances social and economic value – this can only be achieved through multiple collaborations at all levels – local, regional, national, European and global.

We firmly believe Britain is better off as part of the EU and call on everyone who feels the same to make their voice heard on 23rd June and to vote for Britain to Remain in the EU.

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